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Tamim Iqbal's Stance on Politics: A Cricketer's Reflection on the Future

A Cricketer's Reflection on the Future

By monaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Bangladesh has seen a singular fusion of cricket and politics in recent years, with a number of prominent cricket players entering the political sphere. As rumors circulate about the potential next cricket player to enter the political arena, Tamim Iqbal, who is nearing the conclusion of his remarkable career, has responded to the question without completely denying it. Even if he says politics is not what he plans to do right now, he avoids giving any firm answers about what he thinks will happen in the future because he thinks it could be dangerous.

This is an intriguing finding that occurs against the backdrop of Bangladesh's cricket heroes becoming political figures. Prominent individuals who continued to play the sport and into politics include Shakib Al Hasan and Mashrafe Mortaza. Captain of the ODI team at the time, Mortaza won a seat in parliament in 2018 from the Narail-2 constituency. Another famous cricket player, Shakib, made political history when he won the Magura-1 seat.

In light of Tamim Iqbal's advanced age and the impending conclusion of his cricket career, speculation over his possible foray into politics has grown. Tamim, though, has quickly tempered these rumors. He addressed the matter and made it clear that he currently has no aspirations to enter politics. Still, he keeps the door slightly open, without completely ruling out the option.

With the start of the Bangladesh Premier League's tenth season, Tamim is assigned as Fortune Barisal's captain. During a press conference prior to the BPL season, this left-handed opener, who has been a crucial component of Bangladesh's cricketing success, discussed his views on the political issue.

Tamim is reluctant to make firm predictions regarding the future, as seen by his cautious approach. Because life is unpredictable, he recognizes the risks involved in categorically ruling out a career in politics. Tamim appears hesitant to commit to anything long-term, drawing a comparison with the experience of Shakib Al Hasan, who had publicly stated in a 2013 Facebook status that he was not interested in politics, only to voluntarily enter the field ten years later.

According to Tamim, "It's a really dangerous thing. Ten years from now, when I say no now, it will prove that I was right to say no in the first place. Nothing can be foreseen in advance. But I have no personal interest at this time."

The opinion that life is fundamentally unpredictable and that people's paths are not always predictable seems to be echoed by the seasoned cricket player. Tamim makes it clear that while he is open to whatever the future may bring, he currently has no personal interest in politics.

As Tamim considers Shakib Al Hasan's journey, she recognizes that circumstances and personal interests can change over time. "I have no interest in these things," he says, echoing the idea of submitting to fate. You can never predict where your future will lead you. This is what will be inscribed on my forehead if Allah has something similar written on it. I'm not going to force it."

Tamim Iqbal keeps a cautious distance as two well-known cricketers, Mashrafe Mortaza and Shakib Al Hasan, continue to juggle their responsibilities as elected members of parliament with their cricketing careers in the BPL. Tamim says, "I have not met either of them yet," in response to the question of whether he has spoken to Shakib or Mashrafe following their political venture. We will absolutely speak if we get together."

In summary, Tamim Iqbal's nuanced perspective on the relationship between politics and cricket reveals a realistic grasp of life's difficulties. While cricket fans and political analysts speculate about the possible course of Tamim's post-cricket career, the seasoned player is still committed to guiding Fortune Barisal in the BPL, keeping the door slightly ajar for his future aspirations.


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