Super Smash Bros Ultimate competitive scene needs more recognition.

Why this fighting game is the best but lacks some serious professional tournament funding.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate competitive scene needs more recognition.
Potentially one of the biggest games in history so why not.

As popularity in fighting game tournament increases, it seems one game amongst many specifically the one called Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo switch, seems to be lacking a little in the tournament scene unlike it's peers.

Great game nonetheless fun at parties, it can be turned into a drinking game and the likes, but where it really shines is in it's one vs one competitive play. This is the pure gold mine this game was meant to be and it has so much potential it's truly a shame it goes unnoticed most of the time. You've got amazing players already Zero being one of the best but, they don't make money or much of it from playing in tournaments they get it mostly from their live streams it's not bad but, it's doesn't do justice to a game with such high quality game play and the intricacy it has when it comes to literally everything it has to offer.

The mechanics are simple and easy to grasp and in Ultimate they made it so that players can also easily learn advanced concepts like short hopping, L-cancelling, drag downs, spot dodging and parries, to name a few there's much more believe me as an avid player myself I could probably go against the best and do pretty well, but I digress.

My point is this game puts your brain on a learning journey where you have to adapt your game play to what your opponent has in store for you, there are many characters in the game and an immense number of different ways to play them it's almost incalculable because what makes the character unique is the player themselves and their extensive knowledge of that character which is bottomless. It plays well because if you're really good you can play mind games with the other skilled players be it in a team battle setting or in the 1v1 setting. The potential is limitless and it makes for interesting and entertaining combat even for the spectators.

The issue is really that tournament scenes can actually be much bigger than they currently are and could also bring a lot to Nintendo as a whole and to the franchise itself. Last year is when it really started to get some recognition and it became a huge let down because both players decided to go for the same character instead of showcasing different characters and their pro-players ability to master said character, let's just say Bayonetta did not do the tournament scene any justice. Hopefully that will change in the upcoming year.

You can tell the potential for a huge E-sport gaming is definitely there in Super Smash Brother Ultimate. I just hope that it can finally be accepted by the masses withing the fighter video games community and stand out for the great tournament worthy game it supposed to be. I would love to finally be able to see peoples lives change for themselves and their families over night by simply being good at something they were told was useless. Because lets face it this world can be cruel, but if done right definitely rewarding imagine winning millions of dollars for being the best at something you love. Just like boxers, and martial artists do, or even just like NBA and NFL or MMA fighters do. E-Sports should be treated the same and that potential is definitely the within the Super Smash Brother community.

That's all I have to say on the subject feel free to give your opinions or two-cents on the matter I'd love to hear it. Until next time. Ciao.

Jose Miguel Ramirez Ureña
Jose Miguel Ramirez Ureña
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