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Stray Review

Don't Stray From the Path

By DogPaw GamesPublished 10 months ago 5 min read
Made by Canva

On July 19th Bluetwelve Studios released a new explorative game where you see a massive world through the eyes of a small ginger cat! As you potter about in your world it is soon obvious that not everything is as it seems and that little ginger cat needs to get home and fast.


When the game begins it is not obvious where the story is going to go as we find ourselves walking along pipelines and playing with other cats, but when our little friend takes a tumble, we soon realize the world we once knew is gone and something sinister has taken over. As we try to find our way back home, we come across friends and companions that are loyal and unique. As the game progresses we find out that our companions have a mission of their own and it's up to us to help them.


Stray and MOMO

The whole idea of the stray cat trying to find it's way back home is the main mission of the game, but early on we come across a group of robots living in the slums of a walled city. Humans have died off and robots are the only things left, they are left behind to help preserve what's left of nature, such as plants and trees. But they wish to see more then just the rusted walls of their city and see real daylight. A group called 'The Outsiders' are determined to go outside and explore the world that humans were once part of, we enlist their help to survive and they enlist us to break free.

The story is gripping and moving, even though there are a few characters and no dialogue, the actions of those around us and the soundtrack speak volumes and help guide us to the end.

It is only a small game with an average completion time of about 4 hours, but if you want to explore and take your time then it will take around 5-6 hours to complete.


The game itself is small and isolated and we come across few people along the way but they are enough to tell the whole story and have us wanting more.

  • Ginger Stray - our un-named protagonist who is brave, loyal and well as cute and fluffy! LOOK AT HIS LITTLE PAWS!
  • B-12 - Your little sidekick drone who sits in your back pack and offers valuable advice! They also hold memories of a time before Stray

The Outsiders - A group of robots who want to break free from the walled city

  • Doc - A scientist who is the brains behind the group of rebels.
  • Zbaltazar - An gentle robot who lives in a nearby village outside of The Slums.
  • Clementine - A fierce fighter who is wanted throughout Midtown! She is kind and hopeful for a brighter future.
  • Momo - The last to join The Outsiders and everybody's last hope to find help...who thought a cat would be the one to help them?
Stray and Clementine

I adore these characters and their design is nothing short of spectacular! Even though they are robots, they are more human when it comes to emotions and actions. They treat life with great care and shower the stray cat with respect. It breaks the stereotypes and shows the bonds between the natural world and the artificial. With their gentle personalities and warm invites, not only will they bond with the cat but they will also bond with you!


Stray in Midtown

The game has many different areas to explore of the walled city: The Slums, Sewers, Midtown, Antvillage and The Jail. The game's design is beautiful and even though it is only small, everywhere you turn there is something new to explore. Every rooftop is accessible and every vent or open window is yours to explore! There is no limit. Every chapter is unique and they are basically massive playgrounds for you to mess around in.

The puzzles in the game are not too complicated or tiring, so you can continue to play the game at a nice pace, even if a certain puzzle takes a few minutes to figure out! In order to complete the puzzles I would say that you have to think like a cat.

There is no rush in the game so if want to take a time out...feel free! There are designated napping areas and plenty of sofas and rugs to scratch! If you want to be a proper menace, climb onto a rooftop and start knocking things off it.

Stray in The Factory

The atmosphere itself is relaxing and something that players will want to return to. There isn't a high danger level in the game bar a few missions, so take your time, sit back and relax and watch the world unfold in front of you.


The game features many things that simply make sense and make the game feel unique and fun.

Cat Dexterity

With a game like this, if you're gonna play as a cat, then you must move like a cat. With jump prompts to help you make your jumps and the block to prevent you from falling off heights, being able to crawl through tiny gaps and cracks as well balance on thin surfaces; this game captures the ability of cats purrfectly! It wouldn't be true to cats if you kept missing jumps and falling from heights, so having this feature is key.

Cat like features

Apart from movement, the game also allows you to nap, scratch furniture, trip people up and also has a button designated to just meowing!

You can also knock things of balconies as well as roofs and walk across keyboards.


Throughout the walled city you will find music sheets, badges and memories for B-12 to uncover. As well as passwords for safes and flowers. While most of these are only isolated to certain parts of the map, the memories are carried on till the end of the game.

Pros and cons

Just like any game it has its pros and cons.


  • Small, simple game that will have you hooked for more. Many players are already asking for a sequel or DLC of some sort
  • Gripping narrative
  • Beautifully designed worlds
  • Engaging characters
  • Perfect for the price. £23.99 on PS4 - £24.99 on Steam for PC.
  • You get to play as a cat!


  • Would've liked more of a backstory - but if you like to make theories then it's perfect for you.
  • Glitches - I did find that once or twice I had to restart from a checkpoint in order to get a prompt to work. But these glitches are far and few in between.
  • The ending could've been better- Now don't get me wrong the game was amazing and the ending is what the game needed but i felt like it could've been developed more!

Overall rating

After having played this game, there is no doubt in my mind that this game will go far and will have players playing it multiple times, whether it be for 100% completion or just something to relax to. I give it a 9/10!

Until next time...stay Vibin' and Survin'

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