So You Wanna Be a Game Developer?

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HTML5 Gaming and Game Development

So You Wanna Be a Game Developer?

The HTML5 gaming and game design world is on the rise as more people are abandoning Flash game design for systems that are more compatible with popular web browsers. So what is so great about HTML5 that Flash programming can't handle?

Better Design Software

First of all, HTML5 brings new possibilities in game design to light with the use of Canvas, OpenGL ES 2.0, and WebGL. Canvas is the first part of the browser game design process, as it is the software that makes programming graphics displays within reach. WebGL, in combination with Open GL ES 2.0, allows for 2d and 3d graphics interfaces whereas Flash games are only available in 2d formats. WebGL also makes Canvas able to create graphics that are hardware accelerated through the use of GPU. All of this combines together to create a game design experience that works in a web browser! It's perfect!

Increased Format Flexibility and Playability

The future is also getting brighter for HTML5 game development as this form of game development has a noticeably higher level of flexibility across multiple platforms than Flash games, which are mainly for mobile devices. This is done with the help of Unity, an increasingly popular game development tool that enables HTML5 games to be formatted for consoles, mobile devices, and web browsers. Greater flexibility of gaming platforms make HTML5 game design a much more welcome alternative to Flash.

Technological Improvements Leading to Lower Cost

Another reason why HTML5 game development is where it's at in the industry is because smart phones are obtaining increasingly better browser abilities. That is to say, web browsers in smart phones are becoming much more powerful, and thus HTML5 is a more viable option than that of Flash game development. The tedious problems of performance issues and browser compatibility are quickly becoming a non-issue.

With all of that, the cost of game development is lowering. This is part and parcel to the flexibility of platforms that HTML5 has in comparison to its Flash counterpart. The greater flexibility means that developers do not have to spend time and money creating multiple codebases for lots of platforms; why do that when software such as Unity makes the task so much easier?

No Need to Download—Just Play!

That's right! As long as the player has a strong web browser and good connection, there is no need to download an HTML5 game! This makes HTML5 gaming an instant hit with game players who don't have the time or the space to download a game to their console, computer, or mobile device. For example, there are sites available that allow game players to have fun playing classics such as Bejeweled and 2048 to retro-style games such as CrossCode. Rather than spending time deciding whether or not to download such games, the games are instead available to play right now in browser! For gamers (no matter what preferred platform), this is a win-win.

Instantaneous Updates

Have a bug in the code or game lag? HTML5 games have an easier time updating than their Flash counterparts. Again, because HTML5 games are played via web browser, updates are easy to do and don't require gamers to download and install the updates. No wait, no fuss--just playing games and having fun! Gamers see the newly updated version of the games they are playing, thus making the gaming experience happier all across the board.

The future of HTML5 games is this: with greater platform flexibility comes a brighter future for HTML5 games as a whole. As mobile web browsers and browsers in general become more powerful, the world of HTML5 gaming gets a little bigger. Who doesn't love that?

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