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Should there be a Dark Souls or Bloodborne movie?

by Ferrari King 15 days ago in adventure games

Imagine waking up in the Dark Souls or Bloodborne universe

When you hear the words, From Software you immediately think of Darks Souls or Bloodborne. You also think of some of the most challenging and yet rewarding games set in amazing worlds. What if there was a TV show or movie based on Dark Souls or Bloodborne. I am going to discuss a TV show more since it allows for more development of the characters, and we get to see more of the world of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

It will start out as a group of people playing Dark Souls or Bloodborne and they get transported into the world of those games in the same way the characters of Jumanji got sucked into that world. The Jumanji series should be mentioned. Unlike Jumanji, however, our intrepid characters can and will die for more horribly. Just like Dark Souls and Bloodborne they must light bonfires or lampposts and if they die, they will respawn back. In Dark Souls they will start to look more and more like a rotting corpse (being hallow) until they get humanity.

Our fearless characters will have to deal with our worst enemy in Dark Souls: gravity. They will get smashed by Havel and many dragons, undead, dragon-like creatures, gargoyles, and many other such creatures. In Bloodborne they will deal with werewolves and other fearsome creatures. In both, Dark Souls and Bloodborne they must deal with terrifying bosses and will be able to learn to use magic and weapons which they can upgrade in the same way we do it the games.

If Dark Souls or Bloodborne were made into a movie then the story would go faster or be separated into a series such as Harry Potter or the Avengers movies.

There is a lot of lore in both Dark Souls and Bloodborne for any TV producer or movie producer to draw upon and still stay close to the source. Imagine seeing an actor get smashed by Havel or killed by a mushroom man or its child. Imagine a character that has played both Dark Souls and Bloodborne violently killing Patches when they run into him in Dark Souls since they know exactly how treacherous he is only to have him show up again later in the story.

Some of the old bosses that turned out to be chumps will terrify anyone of the TV or movie actors but the Dark Souls or Bloodborne veteran will just laugh and kill the monster quickly.

We get to see everyone’s favorite poisonous areas that annoyed the hell out of us in the Dark Souls series as well as those frustrating, obnoxious archers of New Londo, Oh God were they annoying. I think it would be funny to see an actor get excited about getting past those two giants only to get an arrow through the heart by those archers.

In Bloodborne we see get to see a clueless character get way to close to the townsfolk and get chopped to pieces or we see them get kidnapped by that one creature that I cannot recall its name. Both Bloodborne and Dark Souls would make for a great TV or movie adaptation.

On my YouTube channel a person made a remark that they would like to see a book based on Dark Souls or Bloodborne and I will admit that is also an excellent idea. In that case you gt to use your imagination if it si written by anyone better than be writing it.

I hope you enjoyed what you read and will read other stories I have written and please read stories written by others. Alos, check out my YouTube channel and subscribe. I would appreciate that a lot. Check out the about me section on my channel. Also, you can follow me on Twitch (Ferrariking1955).

If I can beat the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, then so can you.

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Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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