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Should Nintendo and The Pokémon Company License 'Pokémon Uranium'?

'Pokémon Uranium' has been the pet project of a nine year development cycle by a group of avid fans.

By Dustin MurphyPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Pokémon Uranium has been the pet project of a nine year development cycle by a group of avid fans. It is a Pokémon game that also offers up quite a unique spin on a franchise that has been around for twenty years this year (Japan's original release was Pokémon Green, February 27, 1996). The Pokémon franchise has been a household name across the world since the original release and continues to be so with each new release, new Pokémon, new cast members, and new story archs.

Pokémon Uranium follows in this long path of creativity and in ways has decided to one-up Game Freak and Nintendo. It is also a game that released hot on the heels of the now slowly declining Pokémon GO. Let alone did it offer an entirely new approach to the game, it offered up an entirely new Pokédex for long time fans to enjoy.

While using RPG Maker to get it going - Pokémon Uranium remains a unique title. It is one that's an exquisite fan entry to the Pokémon world due to the love this team has shown through their story, the new Pokédex, and detail in the game. Enchanted fans rewarded it with over 1.5 million downloads in the first 24 hours.

Sadly, Nintendo recently ordered Pokémon Uranium taken down, squashing the unlicensed fan project.

Why Nintendo Should Publish Pokémon Uranium

Credit: Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

For a long time we haven't seen much change with Pokémon as a whole. From beginning-to-end we've seen variations of old Pokémon, some new, and just a loss for creativity when it comes to what happens. While things such as Mega Evolutions and Alola forms are very welcome, there have only been minor changes, some questionable new Pokémon, and a want for new Pokémon types.

With Pokémon Uranium, we've gotten to see a what a new spin can offer. This is a darker side to the Pokémon world, one that brings forth a very realistic issues we've had within our own world regarding nuclear power. Nuclear-type Pokémon also push players to have a better understanding for both a new battle meta but also a new core gameplay element in curing corrupted nuclear Pokémon.

Pokémon Uranium remains at the top of the Pokémon wanted-list by many fans. So, Nintendo should license the game.

Licensing Pokémon Uranium would offer both Nintendo, and the developer trio who created the game over the course of nine years, a great and fresh opportunity. A new Pokémon game is always welcome and people would pay real money to try it out (just like they'll soon pay for Sun & Moon). It would likely take a frenzy of legalese to settle how this would work, the prospect would offer something new, something unusual and enjoyable, and a unique taste of an entirely new Pokémon Pokédex that many fans have been requesting.

What's Great About Uranium's Setting?

What if Professor Oak had been as hip as Bamb'o?

The latest title takes places in the newly lush, lively, and uniquely crafted region of Tandor. This region is home to 150 new and unique Pokémon that have never been seen before within the series.

The newest region is known for its world famous Tandor Regional Championship, which brings in Trainers from all around the world. To qualify for the Regional Championship, Trainers must qualify by collecting all eight gym badges from towns, cities, and villages from across Tandor.

To do that, players take on an adventure that takes place after the Trainer's mother Lucille disappeared ten years previously after a nuclear catastrophe happened. The trainer's father Kellyn - the top Pokémon Ranger in Tandor - just happens to have left in search of his wife. Here players are introduced to their Trainer, which is being raised by his or her's elderly Auntie in the town of Moki. That's where we begin our adventure.

Characters assist the new and hip Pokémon Professor by the name of Bamb'o. The player's goal is the same old tale: help the professor, discover new Pokémon, and help uncover mysteries within the region as they unfold before the player. Players will work to uncover the truth as they discover a new power plant has been built over the site of the original building where the catastrophe happened. This also brings forth concerns about nuclear radiation, causes new Pokémon, and signals a new disaster that may be looming ahead.

Credit: Pokémon Uranium's Wikia

Nuclear Pokémon Offer a New Experience Unlike Before

Unlike previous titles, Pokémon Uranium brings a few things that are unique to the table. This includes the new "Nuclear" type, which brings up the element type to 19 in total. For those unfamiliar with Pokémon Uranium as a whole, think of the Nuclear type as a kind of gesture to the Colosseum version of Shadow-type. They also follow a different path than the Shadow-type we saw before. Corrupted Nuclear-type can evolve unlike Shadow-type. These type evolve through their happiness, which must be raised to a level that will qualify them for an evolution. They even have their own unique Nuclear moves as shown below.

Credit: Pokémon Uranium Wikia

It isn't unusual, however, for players to find another type of Nuclear Pokémon dubbed Corrupted. These Pokémon are disgruntled, they are hard to use, but their overall appeal will remain much the same outside of the fact they don't obey orders. This can happen with typically normal Nuclear-type's such as Urayne, Nucleon, and Hazma. All of them will remain stable, without any special requirements to cure them, which can be done with those who have been Corrupted (Gayarados, etc, can all fall into this trap).

Because of these elements, it drives trainers to need to know how their Pokémon will act, what they need to do to cure them, and a want to find even more of these unique Nuclear type since they are in abundance across the Tandor Region.

Fans Have Been Supportive of Pokémon Uranium

When looking online, it's not hard to see the fan support for the title.

Source: The Mary Sue

We've even seen even other supportive comments from the same Mary Sue article thread stating, "They always seem to take the wrong road in these cases. Someone shows off their skill and love for what you do, and you give them a legal smackdown."

Pokémon Uranium is a game that has been widely supported by its fans. It is a game that offers a chance for both Nintendo and the three extremely dedicated team members to sit down at a table and discuss a publishing deal for the title. It is one that offers up a chance for licensing of the title as an official game and bring forth a revenue for fans new and old to the series while introducing new elements to the franchise. For many fans it would be a day one buy for many Pokéfans showing their support and love for the title that could easily have over 2 million downloads world wide at this point.


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