Saving and Buying in 'Harvest Moon Story of Seasons'

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The Proper Way to Spend and Buy in 'HM SoS(Harvest Moon Story of Seasons)'

Saving and Buying in 'Harvest Moon Story of Seasons'

Harvest Moon, the simulator that allows players to plant crops and sow the land. It's a tough job and someone has to do it right? You can choose between a male or female avatar at the customization screen, next you are met with the town's mayor, Veronica, she looks like she can get stuff done with that look she gives you! She is seen pacing back and forth waiting for something or someone, then you(the protagonist) enter to meet with her, she explains about farm life along with other topics to help you get started in the game. She will take you to meet an old woman named Eda, who will direct you while staying on her farm temporarily, but you will later get your own farm that you can name yourself. You can then begin taking care of animals, plant crops, things like that. You don't want to go overboard with your spending habits, some would spend until their unable to spend any more on anything else, but because the game focus on trades than you shipping everything in a bin like in previous games this one is different as you must unlock Trading Depots by shipping goods. These Trading Depots increases in difficulty as you must then ship more than goods, but a requirement set of goods to open the last two trading posts.

Buy wares that aren't too expensive until you're wealthier enough to start purchasing the greater stuff. I suggest getting a secondary cow so that you can have twice the amount of milk in your stash, the next thing you need is a chicken coop and your first chicken from Silk Country, they will sell blueprints to begin constructing it. Be sure that once you get more animals(Cows, chickens etc) that you take very good care of them because their quality increases in time, such as the cows give you more milk than usual while chickens start laying more than a single egg. Since Silk Country doesn't come into town as often as you want it to, you will just have to stock everything you picked up including bugs, fish, even valuable items. Now, ship at least 100,000 G worth of goods to achieve a new Trading Depot, Cabin Country, as their easier to unlock along with the rest of them. Be prepared to go to town on the final Depots cause they will stump you, it's all about being ambitious and if you want it badly enough you go to extreme measures.

As time passes, Veronica will visit you on your farm to teach you about Public Fields, these Fields are a necessity to increase your chances of wealth later on. You just need to remember to re-register your field so that it doesn't expire and you don't start crying tears of rage because you forgot that day, best thing to do is always save your game prior to obtaining a field then if you do forget it, restore it back beforehand then go to register so you don't regret it.

Eventually, the public fields that your fellow farmers own can be competed against once is unlocked. The beehive field is best since you get to set up your beehives, but you must first start gathering bees early and some beehives as well in your storage so when that time comes to gather honey, you will be able to stock it up in your refrigerator meaning more money! Yay! Be ready to stock up what is needed when going up against other farmers to conquer their fields, the more fields means more work, but then again, it's about earning wealth. Look at it like this, if you living off minimum wage lifestyle like in real life then it is better to buy some then making sure you got more left over to buy more seeds from the General Store and Trading Depots, you'll be glad you did.

Start building a seed maker pronto, that will be the easiest and one method for building your savings as seeds cost a bundle. Once a store is closed that day or the trading post didn't arrive on time for you to plant your set of crops, this seed maker will save your life! It will not only save you money, but you will be getting seeds after seeds guaranteed so stock them up so anytime you need seeds to start planting just get them out and begin. You may also ship the seeds as the bring you more gold increasing your wealth in no time. Course, at the start of the game in your first day of Spring, you certainly won't be richer since it is your first time and first times often leads to failure, but failure is what leads to success later down the road.

I hope this helps fellow Harvest Moon Fans out there

Lesson learned "Don't rush into it, take it all slowly and you will soon realize, you'll be rising to the top in no time"

Next Time: 'HM' Animal Care

Caring for animals is a strenuous piece of work, but they are an asset to your farm. I will be going over with you how to properly care for your cute and cuddly critters from a row of cows to squawking chickens, how to obtain them as well as what to do once you get them.

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