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Rocket League: The Step-by-Step Guide to the Air-Dribble Bump

Both air dribbling and bumping are important aspects of Rocket League, and the combination of the two results in an even more potent move.

By Zoe YoungPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Both air dribbling and bumping are important aspects of Rocket League, and the combination of the two results in an even more potent move. This article will cover how to use air-dribble bumps, when to use them, and why using them can help you win games. Rocket League's gameplay is significantly different from what anyone could have envisioned when it first launched, beginning with the ground game and progressing to an emphasis on the air game. The introduction of various new features—such as demolitions, flip resets, wavedashes, and others—has vastly improved the game and made it possible to achieve a higher level of performance. This gameplay mechanic, which is aptly named the "air-dribble bump," combines the most beneficial aspects of each individual play into a single play.

We are going to go over the specifics of how air-dribble bumps function, when you should use them, and the reasons why they are so effective! Carrying the ball through the air while making multiple touches exemplifies the most fundamental aspect of the air dribble. It can be used either offensively or defensively due to its versatility. Air dribbles are most frequently used for attacking at the highest levels of gameplay, although they are also sometimes utilized for clearing the ball and making passes. The opponent's car is considered to have been bumped when there is any kind of collision between the two vehicles, which either alters the opponent's trajectory or, if there is sufficient speed, removes them from the playing field with a demolition. As you might have guessed, this particular mechanism is a combination of the two of these. You might already be feeling frustrated at the thought of such a play; it seems impossible to block the shot and avoid a perfect bump, and you would be right in thinking that it is impossible to do both of those things. The power of the mechanism is readily apparent in this instance, and when it is carried out flawlessly, even experts will have a difficult time overcoming it.

Get control of the ball with as little or as much resistance as possible.

The actions described above are precisely what you would do in a typical air-dribble, but the steps you take afterward are the ones that truly differentiate the two types of dribbling:

After you have altered the path of the ball so that Rocket League trading site travels towards the goal, you should stop holding the ball in the air.

Determine which of the defenders is the most dangerous, and turn your vehicle so that it faces them.

Increase your speed and charge towards them to remove any possibility of them blocking your shot.

These steps are the fundamental ideas behind the air-dribble bump, and despite the fact that there are quite a few of them, they will eventually become second nature to you as you continue to practice them

You may have noticed that I only mentioned a single defender, and there is a good reason for that; the air-dribble bump is extremely effective against a single player, but free Rocket League credits can be significantly more challenging to execute the mechanic when there are multiple players defending the ball


As is the case with the majority of the game's mechanisms, the air-dribble bump has a specific time and location for its use, which varies according to the game mode. I will describe some common situations in which this mechanism can be put to the best use; however, because of the ease with which rocket league items value (buy it here) can be set up, there are a great many options available.

The first and most obvious opportunity to use the air-dribble bump is in almost any scenario that involves a one-on-one matchup. When you take into account the fact that the 1v1 mode gives you possession frequently, a lot of boost, and only a single defender, there is no better opportunity to start an air dribble, and then shift to a physical play in order to secure an easy goal. Professional players such as Jack "ApparentlyJack" Benton, formerly of Dignitas and now on Stormtroopers, have made names for themselves in the 1v1 scene due to the sheer efficiency of their execution of the air-dribble bump. Even if you see it coming, there is not much that can be done to defend against it if it is executed optimally. Be wary, however, of the fact that there is no safety net for you to fall back on in a one-on-one match. Because the air-dribble bump is an all-in play, and because mistakes on your part can quickly lead to a goal, and because your opponent may find a way to counteract your bumps if you repeat them enough, and because mistakes on your part can quickly lead to a goal.

Although not to the same extent as in a duel, the air-dribble bump is still utilized extensively in game modes in which players compete as part of a team, such as 2v2 and 3v3 competitions. You may be able to get by a defender while pressing the offense with the help of an air-dribble bump, or you may even be able to score directly if there is only one player in your way. Even though it is not as effective as it is in 1v1, an air-dribble bump on offense almost never fails to produce the desired result.

I highly doubt that such a niche use of the air-dribble bump on defense and transitions occurs to such a great extent; I have seen such strategies, but not consistently. The air-dribble bump has a few other uses, including niche uses on defense and transitions. Defensive uses include trying to clear and demolish a player who attempts to block it, and similarly, players can bump players who are trying to keep the ball from transitioning to offense. Defensive uses include trying to clear and demolish a player who attempts to block it. You might get bumped into the ball by opponents with higher boosts or early challenges, which could prove to be a significant source of annoyance.


There are a few different ways that you can improve your air-dribble bumps, and doing so will significantly increase the likelihood that you will carry out an attack successfully. To begin, your primary focus should be on blocking your opponent while simultaneously bumping them. This will allow you to position yourself between your opponent and the ball. This ensures that they are unable to get to the ball by going around you, and it makes it easier for your bump to connect. If your opponent dodges it, they have no chance of getting the ball back before it reaches their goal, so they have no incentive to do so.

Using mechanics like flip resets, which can give you significantly more dynamic movement, is another possibility; however, this method is more complicated than the others. This increased mobility can be put to use to achieve a more powerful bump or to reroute the ball towards the goal net.

The last thing you need to do is check that you have enough boost and that your team is aware that you are going to be making a solo play. If you do not, Rl rocket league prices is possible that they will just clear the ball, which would result in a negative overall score. As a strong supporter of demolitions, I believe that the inclusion of demolitions in aerial plays represents a significant advancement. Furthermore, I believe that implementing this mechanic is an important step toward ensuring that you are able to turn attacks into goals. Take care to employ this mechanic only in measured amounts. I am aware that completely annihilating your opponent while they are attempting to defend their goal can be extremely satisfying, but in the long run, it will just become predictable. Nevertheless, you should always have this critical strategy on hand so that you can make the most of critical opportunities. Have fun playing around with the air-dribble bump and demonstrating its power!

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