Review of 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate' Xbox 1S

by Troy Wilde 2 years ago in xbox

I will describe what I like, don't like, and my experience.

Review of 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate' Xbox 1S


Ubisoft has launched yet another game in the hit series of Assassin's Creed, which to my delight has yet more indulgent storylines, missions, new characters, new time lines, and yes, more action! This time set in the year of the industrial revolution of the 1700s.

The entire game is situated inside of London, the capitol city of England and the economic capitol of the world. Being that it is no longer in ancient times and is now industrialised adds more fun and reality to the mix as you play the game. In this review I will be detailing some of the things I like and love, some of the things that rub me up the wrong way and also, I might be letting you into a few little secrets!

Additional Content

Once you start to play the game you may have noticed that on the main title screen on the right hand side you are able to access the store, to purchase add ons such as the one which includes a storyline and missions to tail, learn and stop Jack the Ripper. Which also brings added costs of around £14.99 as well as other add ons which also cost money after already purchasing the game (£14.99 on eBay when I bought mine); however, they do throw in two free outfits for BOTH of your characters (one each) which you are unable to use unless you purchase with in game currency and are actually at the level needed to equip them. Sucks I know but...what can you do?

Also there is a section where you can spend your helix points, which you can either buy with real money or earn in the game by collecting glitches or by completing missions and earning badges/medals/achievements.

About the Game

At first you play as Jacob Frye and then discover his twin sister Evie Frye and of course, you are able to switch between the two depending on which you make more suited to the environment around you, both having separate but identical skill lines you are able to tailor each one's skills and can make them different or the same. I opted for maxing everything out myself, keeping it all universal in the aspects of doing things in the game. That way each character is equal to the other, the difference being male or female. But that's just my preference; you may wish to make one a tank by maxing out the health and defence on one character and attack and stealth on the other.

Not only do you get to pick skills lines, but you also get to pick "Gang Upgrades" which I suppose is similar to the "My Fleet" section of the previous games like Black Flag for instance. Your gang can be advanced through purchasing upgrades such as informants, carriage upgrades, monetary improvements to increase your income, reduce vendor prices, and even sabotage the enemies' carriages.

You are still able to craft weapons and upgrades too, meaning the more you play, the deadlier your arsenal of weapons becomes. HOWEVER, there is one difference I can mention that won't ruin the game for you if you haven't yet played it. Once you clear the first borough of enemies and complete the gang war on the first gang leader then you are given or find a handy bit of tech, which once you do a few more missions are able to use. A grappling hook built into your hidden blade for easy and quick wall scaling, crossing massive gaps between buildings, and becoming even deadlier to your enemies.

OK so enough about the upgrades for now as I feel I need to mention more about the world you are now inside. Yes, you're still in the animus and yes Templars are still here, but you are after the brute which controls London. I forget his name though, but he controls London and you must free London of his influence and control. That's where the boroughs come in. Each town is sectioned into boroughs, which you need to clear by doing missions such as Templar Hunt, kidnapping/arresting criminals, freeing children work camps, and obliterating gang hideouts. All the while working with your own gang on the streets taking them with you after completing the first gang war mission.

Where can I get it?

The game is available in supermarkets likes Tesco, ASDA, Game, eBay, Amazon, and so on. Widely available and accessible no matter where you are. You can also download it from either Xbox Store or PlayStation Store.

My Thoughts

I can honestly tell you I love this game. It's not just the new missions, new "playground" in London or that you have two characters. It's more the diversity, action, in game cinematics, and the overall feeling of the game. It draws you in no matter if you're a gamer or not. Sometimes it may get a little monotonous if you're just farming for money by killing every "blighter" (blighters are the Templars gang which is beating London to a pulp one citizen at a time) you see or opening or lock picking box/chest you find.

GAME TIP: Recruit members of your gang (after upgrading via gang upgrades, I can recruit five of them) and take them on missions with you. For the harder ones I tend to stay hidden, use my eagle sense to spot enemies, and then order my recruits to attack the enemies. Leaving them to fight so I can jump in on the action with backup or take down the main targets. Meaning you have more time to explore and find hidden items whilst your men take the brunt of the fights and distract your enemies.

That's all from me so far for this game as I have yet to complete it 100% so I will return and update once I have done so. Just thought I would give it a review right now because I'm obsessed with it!

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