'Princess Maker 2' and 'Long Live The Queen'

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A Comparison Between Two Fantastic Games

Trailer for Long Live The Queen by Hanako Games

Long Live The Queen and Princess Maker 2 are two of my favourite games available on Steam. Both games are often compared to each other for similar gameplay elements, but they are both fantastic games in their own right. Even though the games are similar, I have seen people who have played one, but not the other assume that they're both exactly the same.

They're not. In fact, the two games couldn't be any more different.


Long Live The Queen is about Princess Elodie. Her mother, the Queen, has tragically died and Elodie is destined to take her place as she is her only child. Princess Elodie is only 14 years old and her coronation is due to take place when she's 15. The game goes through her whole year from a depressed 14-year-old to the gracious 15-year-old. However, there are many people who would happily dispose or disgrace Elodie for their own personal gain, and Elodie must use what she learns in her classes to make good choices to live to see her Coronation.

She is very close to her cousin, Charlotte, but her mother, Elodie's aunt, is one of the many people who are plotting to kill Elodie for her own personal gain. Think of it like Game Of Thrones: you either win or you die!

Princess Maker 2's gameplay takes place in eight years. A wandering swordsman defeats a demon king and saves a sinful kingdom from the verge of collapsing. The king gives him an annual salary and the Gods above award the man with a young girl and asks him to raise her as his daughter to see if humankind can be redeemed. The eight years is split into monthly schedules with a mixture of education, adventures, work and rest. The main goal is to become a princess, but she can become a Queen.


In both games, the fate of the girls is determined by the choices the player makes. Those choices can change moods and stats. Watching these stats are important as they can make the difference between passing or failing a certain task.

In Long Live The Queen, you take part in weekly classes. Her mood can determine whether she does well or poorly in these classes. During the course of the game, she will either pass or fail little tests that can either make or break the game.

Princess Maker 2 does this as well, but the game has a lot more depth. You have a choice to go to work and take part in adventures. Then there are contests every year that you can take part in and earn extra stat boosts and money. You can see very clearly that Long Live The Queen has been heavily inspired by this game.

Love Choices

For an old game, Princess Maker 2 has a lot of choices, and that includes whom she chooses to marry. The only thing that I find lacking for Olive in Princess Maker 2 is the lack of lesbian choices for her. She can marry a prince, knight, wizard, the demon king, king, viscount, farmer, merchant, her butler, a dragon and even her own adoptive father.

The only thing close to a lesbian choice is when the female bandit tries to assault her if you lose against her, but that doesn't count in my opinion.

My favourite marriages for Princess Maker 2 is the dragon and the butler. Both of those boys are adorable. I also like the character development the dragon and the butler have. The butler is called Cube, but the dragon doesn't have a name so I just call in Charlie in my head.

Long Live The Queen also has a lot more choices (all human), but she also has the option to fall in love with a girl. One of my favourite endings is where she ends up with Briony and they have such a cute bond. Before the ending of the game, Elodie is given a long choice of people of who she wants to marry and that list can change depending on her actions throughout the game.


Both Princess Maker 2 and Long Live The Queen have a plethora of endings. Long Live The Queen's endings vary from who she marries to how good of a ruler she is, if she gets to rule at all. In Princess Maker 2, the only way for Olive to die is to be sick and bedridden for a few months, and it is easy to get her feeling better gain even when you are low on money.

And if Olive does die, you get nothing but a scolding from the gods. There are over 100 achievements for PM2 Refine in Steam, but Olive's death isn't one of them. In Long Live The Queen, if Elodie does die, you get some Steam Achievements.

The major difference between the two protagonists that stands out is this. In Long Live The Queen, there are many ways for Princess Elodie to die, whereas, in Princess Maker 2, there are many ways for Olive to live.

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