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The Letter by YangYang Mobile is one of my favourite visual novels at the moment. I love the characters and how complex they are. The story is compelling and the game is character-driven. It has just the right amount of gore for me. If you take the horror element away, you'd be left with one of the most vibrant casts since Ace Attorney. If you take the drama element you've got a perfect Halloween Flick. It works well together like peanut butter and jelly jam.

Like many visual novels, you have a choice of romantic pairings at the end of the game. Some of the pairings become obvious later on in the story. But if you max out the relationships in the game, it's quite easily getting the pairing you want. So I wanted to write a post about all the possible pairings you can get with The Letter. The pairings are listed in order of my personal preference.

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Often referred to as Ashbecca, Becca is one of the two love interests of Ashton Frey, with the other being Isabella. Becca's been carrying her feelings for Ashton for years. He's the reason why Becca is the person she is today. She's one tough cookie, unless it comes to Ashton. Then she becomes all mushy. I've listed this at the bottom because I feel that their choice as a romantic couple is somewhat forced, but it does have that redeeming quality that Naruhina fans may enjoy. I think another reason why I'm not so keen on it is that it reminds me of one of my least favourite pairings of all time: Sasusaku. I think that they would be better off as friends.

Marianne's chapter is introduced with a night at the bar followed by an optional sex scene. When I first saw the sex scene involving Luke and Marianne, it was a big shock. It's not something I would expect from this game. I think this is one of the hardest romances to get in this game because if you do choose to have Marianne and Luke to sleep with each other, they lose relationship points. And the choices that you make in the game determine whether you boost Hannah or Luke's relationship more. In the epilogue, I think they don't look very happy in the ending and I think that they will be better off as friends.

I had a hard time choosing between Zachary/Hannah or Luke/Hannah. In the end, I chose to have Zachary/Hannah at number five, but I think I like both pairings equally. I think it's a shame that this is the only romance option for Zachary. But I'm sure if Yangyang mobile had more money, they would give Zachary some more love. I love Zachary as a character because he's kind and gentle. I think he's the one out of Isabella's friendship group that would end all the fights and be the peacemaker. Zachary and Hannah work well as a couple because they're bubbly and upbeat. Also, in their epilogue, Zachary acts like the best step-dad ever. They're both happy as a couple, seeing Zac smile in that epilogue art.

It's really interesting how the most messed up and hostile relationship in the entire game can end up becoming the sweetest couple in the happy ending. In my first playthrough, I got Luke and Hannah's happy ending. Hannah chose to work with her happy ending and Luke became a man and demanded the ghost to release Hannah. In many aspects, Luke and Hannah should not be together: Luke cheats, sleeps around, and hits on women and shows little respect for Hannah. But in many situations, it becomes clear that Luke is, in fact, in love with Hannah. With his regret for killing Hannah in the true path or the kill 'em all route to his reaction to Hannah becoming possessed, whichever path you choose for Luke/Hannah, it's destructive, explosive, but also compelling.

Luke and Becca are a darkhorse couple. On paper, if you knew their personalities, the two of them probably wouldn't work well together. But there's one person that brings the best traits out of the two and make their dynamics work: Luke's goddaughter, Kylie. Luke has done some bad things, there's no doubt about that, but his fondness for Kylie brings a whole new layer of Luke. I love Luke/Becca's romance epilogue and their friendship epilogue, especially how they both involve Kylie. It's as if the three of them have made their own little family. It's really cute. I think Becca is the one clearly on top here. I think Luke would be so used to being control, but Becca's authority would make her be the one wearing the trousers.

I started to really love this in Marianne's chapter. The similarities between Hannah and Marianne's deceased friend, Lorraine, is played very well, especially in the dream sequence. It's like she's trying to beat her demons by moving on from Lorraine and building a new life with Hannah. One of my favourite scenes from the game is where Marianne hugs Hannah after being haunted by Lorraine in the mirror. I feel that their relationship and their romance path is like something straight out of a Disney film.

Affectionately referred to as Ashbella, this is no doubt one of the most popular pairings from the game. In fact, I don't know anybody who dislikes this ship, but I'm sure there are. I really like Ashton and Isabella as a couple. They're not perfect, but they feel real from the way they banter at each other and the way they show that they care about each other. Through the thick and thin, they constantly show that they are fond of each other. I could talk about so many wonderful things about this pairing, but I think it's best that this is enjoyed through the game itself.

Thank you for reading this article. If you get stuck with any of the pairings or want to try out unlocking the variants, you can use the Steam Community or seek advice on YangYang Mobile's discord server.

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