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play SEGA r-tuned on pc now 2020 UK arcades!

by UK ARCADES 8 months ago in arcade

you can now play the street racing game arcade only r-tuned on PC now 0_O !?

play SEGA r-tuned on pc now 2020 UK arcades!
flyer cool man.

This game is perfect straight to the point this equals really casual easy street racing, just sit back and enjoy the high-speed arcade rush!

ranking screen.

The arcade racing nostalgia is there with the sega AM2 team behind this one similar to outrun2 it has a few nods to it like the artificial intelligence cars spinning lol .

And hitting the side walls makes the car fly very weirdly.

The graphics are very flashy very bloom intensive it will make your eyes bleed.very crisp high definition 720p resolution with an awesome hack to add anti-aliasing and 1080p up-scaling looks like a fresh new 2020 game. That's how powerful the sega Lindbergh really is many of the games on there were too powerful for the graphic chips for the day if only they made the Lindbergh now.

Sounds are very nice, the bgm is very hip hop rap orientated street gang racing tunes.

awesome arcade cabinet.

The tuned Car sounds are nice and roaring throughout the nitro boost is a nice touch too bad its unlimited makes the races way to easy it should have a nitro burnout though.

You can play it now on PC on teknoparrot personal computer emulator/hacker/ thing.

Sorry sega should have ported Lindbergh except keeping it in japan and few ps3 ports.

R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing is an arcade racing game released by Sega on 23 October 2008 in Asia and North America and on 17 April 2009 in Europe. The game focuses on the import scene and illegal street racing. The game runs on the Sega Lindbergh platform and uses Virtua Fighter 5's character model engine. Players can save their progress and records by using IC cards. There are boost buttons on the steering wheel, players can use unlimited boosts to speed up during the game.

There are 2 modes of the game :

Battle mode: players try to get the highest points during the race .

The artificial intelligence racers show little distorted faces and pictures and if you bump them they throw a raging speech and say stuff like "get of my back" "oi don't do that"

They also a driveway to slow and use there boost at the start of the race to get a few seconds advantage after that you easily overtake them then they always stick one chevron behind you there always locked behind your back and never leave the spot. If you do break or crash for one second then they will overtake and win the race.

Time attack: players try to finish the course with the fastest time.

This is my favourite mode just simple boosting fast and drifting around corners with no traffic in the way.

There is a top 10 ranking system so there is actually a lot of replayability here top 10 lists on each course with time attack and battle mode on can equal 6-10 hours to complete it all that's good for an arcade racer each 1-4 course equals about 30 mins of play.

The attraction mode is cool it loads a pre-rendered cut-scene blasts out a song shouting "faster faster" no way out, yea it's very 2000,s which is great. Then it loads the ranking lists ingame running at the background.

Overall I enjoy casually starting this arcade racer up it is nostalgic and has ties to need for speed underground midnight club basically all the streetcar racing style games that have passed during the 2000's generation shame theres not really more of these games its just grand theft auto nowadays.

This review is made randomly by UK arcades who is bored locked down due to this coronavirus COVID 19 - at home writing arcade games for you to read.

r tuned street race.

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