Halo fireteam raven

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my review of the long-awaited halo arcade video game - UK arcades youtube channel.

Halo fireteam raven
The top marquee arcade machine pretty impressive chief.

Halo: Fireteam Raven is a cooperative arcade sci-fi shooting game from arcade legends Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix in a unique partnership with 343 Industries. Set in the time frame of Halo: Combat Evolved, this new arcade experience hot-drops players feet first into the boots of Fireteam Raven – a group of elite Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) on the surface of Alpha Halo fighting alongside the Master Chief and the rest of the UNSC as they try desperately to prevent the alien Covenant alliance from taking control of the ancient superweapon.

Halo: Fireteam Raven is housed in a massive, epic, and imposing coin-operated arcade machine designed and built by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix. An enormous 130-inch, 4k screen experience and four turret-mounted, multipurpose machine guns allow four players to fight Covenant troops, spacecraft, and vehicles, encounter the horrifying “Flood” infestation and save the galaxy in frenetic, explosive combat. Scatter all this across a wide variety of epic landscapes and encounters in a cooperative experience and you’ve got a Halo adventure like nothing else you’ve ever played in the franchise. Play Halo: Fireteam Raven first this summer at Dave & Busters in the United States and Canada. Expanding to more locations this Fall.

Track your performance and earn rewards by logging in to the Halo: Fireteam Raven arcade cabinet. Follow the steps below to log in to your Xbox Live account with a QR tag: got a tag to add one yes.

Visit the Halo: Fireteam Raven Service Record

Generate a QR tag for your account

Scan your QR tag before your play session begins

Return to Halo Waypoint to view stats and claim rewards

Please allow up to eight hours for rewards to be delivered on Halo Waypoint. If you encounter any problems during your arcade experience.

Ok enough of that.

First thing you see is that massive marquee can't miss the machine either its Huge massive dual-screen cabinet - top marquee has master chief on it

The interior of the arcade cabinet has halo rings arching above your head looks so freaking amazing spectacular part of the machine it's my favourite part of the arcade machine just look at it.

So on the control panel, it has an Xbox live id bar code scanner that can be used to link your Xbox one profile. Xbox lives stats and achievements that can be added to your profile their achievements.

There are six stages to play through:

1st pillar of autumn escapes the ship alive.

Second, on the halo ring follow the marines to the silent cartographer. halo is a superweapon built by the forerunner to wipe out organic life from the galaxy.

Third, defend the unsc base from the covenant.

Fourth oh no its the repetitive flood.

Fifth stage oh wow more flood repetitiveness lol.

The juggernaut unfinished halo 2 model appears

The final stage is the maw but from odst perspective, they sacrifice themselves to the flood after beating the first interaction with a scarab walker.

Also can spot the halo 5 the flying scarab ship litch in this game too.only was one confirmed during the halo assault.

The whole session takes a good 40+ minutes to complete too unfortunately because this was made by raw thrills/ play Mechanix the devs behind terminator, aliens, walking dead they've implemented a hit timer detection so after say 1- 2 minutes without getting hit the enemy AI does massive double damage! so it forces you to insert a new credit even with full health one Little enemy grunt can knock your health to zero for no reason but to take another credit off you . its annoying stuff to be honest so no matter how professional or one credit clearing good you are at this game it will want more credits.

The whole cabinet

As an Easter egg, the master chief appears throughout the game in scenes which are linked to halo one its really good stuff on the pillar of autumn at the start he's there about to get on the pod to escape to halo ring.

Then he pops up again later when the flood attack he has a shotgun and one-shot owns lots of tank flood types.

Overall an 8/10 solid game just very annoying that it wants 20+ quid off you for no reason though dam it well they got to make their money back seeing as the cabinet is 20,000 to buy.

My high score at the top PMX it should be JON but it changed it to PMX for some weird reason oh well.

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