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No cash. Australia has come up with a new system to control the gambling business.

by Jackson 15 days ago in esports

"Gambler cards" to help fight money laundering

Do you know which country is the most gambling country? This country has become Australia, where a huge number of people play online gambling, spending an enormous amount of hours and money on this. It was the Australians who were awarded the title of the most gambling virtual gamblers in the world, who are ready to play more in online casinos than others. In addition, they spend a decent sum of money on such entertainment. From this we can conclude that they bring profit to various gambling sites the most. These results of the research were completely unexpected, because previously the inhabitants of Australia did not stand out for their gambling.

From the very beginning of these studies, no one paid due attention to the Australians. Who would have thought that everyone was wrong ?! According to this situation has arisen due to the fact that the gambling business is completely legalized here. Moreover, new schemes for its legalization are periodically developed for online gambling, and various casino bonuses are invented. The Australian authorities did not impose a ban on casinos like, for example, in Russia or Ukraine. On the contrary, they are more than loyal to the gaming business, including online casinos, believing that all sorts of bans only exacerbate any problem.

The world research was aimed not only at identifying the most gambling country playing in online casinos, but also the country that visits land-based casinos the most.

For instance, Authorities in the Australian state of New South Wales have proposed the use of new "gambler cards" to help fight money laundering and organized crime. All users of legal gambling must receive such cards.

The creation of a legal gambling industry involves the control of gamblers and operators of gambling, as well as the suppression of any attempts to circumvent legal ways to gamble in casinos or slot machine halls.

An ingenious way to fight money laundering and other types of crime was recently proposed in Australia: the authorities of New South Wales announced the issuance of "gambling cards" after several of the largest casinos were convicted of money laundering.

These cards must fully track all financial flows in legal gambling establishments, and their visitors will be required to register and receive such cards to play legally.

Why online slots Australia are the perfect gambling game for newbies to online casinos?

The new system will allow to abandon unregistered cash flows of players and control the spending of people who gamble.

The politicians said that individual casinos will be able to provide their own similar mechanisms for controlling player funds, and the state will have to unite them into a single system.

In Australia, it is estimated that in just five months of the COVID-19 pandemic, money laundering has led to an increase in poker machine profits by $ 305 million.

We will remind, recently the authorities of New South Wales analyzed the impact of gambling on children - it turned out that every third teenager illegally gambled for money over the past year.

The authors of the work also found that more than half of the survey participants gambled with their parents or guardians. 20% of teenagers did it in the company of grandparents, and another 20% - in the presence of adult relatives.

It turned out that Singapore became the leader according to the second named criterion among the countries that visits land-based casinos the most. There, the gambling business is gaining momentum, and perhaps very soon it will take a leading position in this area. Unique projects of gambling establishments have been built in Singapore, which every gambling fan wants to get into. Now there are several more such grandiose projects under construction, the completion of which players are looking forward to. Thus, the development and increase in the number of gambling establishments has also increased the number of players leaving a decent amount of money in the casino. According to world research, annually one resident of Singapore spends about US $ 1,174 per year. Tax revenues to the budget of this country from the gambling business account for a considerable percentage of tons of all state revenues. If we compare Australia or Singapore with other countries, then, for example, in Spain, Italy and Greece, residents of these countries spend about three times less on any gambling. This situation has developed even despite the fact that the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks began to play various gambling games much earlier than the Australians and Singaporeans.

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