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NFL Head Coaches Fired in 2023-24: Tracking Openings, Candidates, and Changes

NFL Coaching Shakeup: Tracking the Openings, Candidates, and Changes

By Haram RajpootPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

As the NFL season nears its end, the anticipation for the annual coaching carousel intensifies. Teams are evaluating their performances, assessing the effectiveness of their coaching staff, and making decisions that could shape the future of their franchises. Here's a comprehensive overview of the latest coaching developments, including the fired coaches, those on the hot seat, and the top candidates poised to take the reins in 2024.

Coaches Fired in 2023: The Fall from Grace

The 2023 NFL season has already witnessed the dismissal of two head coaches: Josh McDaniels of the Las Vegas Raiders and Frank Reich of the Carolina Panthers. Both coaches faced mounting pressure due to their teams' underwhelming performances.

McDaniels, who joined the Raiders in 2022 with high expectations, struggled to establish a winning culture. His tenure was marked by inconsistencies, disciplinary issues, and a disappointing 3-5 start, leading to his eventual termination.

Reich's fate was similar, as he was fired after compiling a dismal 1-10 record with the Panthers. The former Indianapolis Colts head coach failed to replicate his previous success, struggling to adapt to a new team and facing internal conflicts.

Coaches on the Hot Seat: Feeling the Pressure

While McDaniels and Reich have already been relieved of their duties, several other coaches are facing intense scrutiny and could be next in line for a pink slip. These coaches include:

  • Bill Belichick, New England Patriots: The legendary coach, known for his unparalleled success, is facing an unprecedented challenge in New England. The Patriots, once perennial playoff contenders, have struggled to find consistency and cohesion, raising questions about Belichick's ability to adapt to the changing NFL landscape.

  • Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers: Staley's time with the Chargers has been a rollercoaster ride, marked by both flashes of brilliance and disappointing setbacks. His aggressive play-calling style and ability to develop young talent have been praised, but his team's inability to close out close games has raised concerns.

  • Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders: Rivera, known for his defensive prowess and leadership skills, has struggled to find consistent success in Washington. The Commanders have been plagued by inconsistency and questionable decision-making, putting Rivera's job security on the line.

  • Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears: Eberflus, entering his second season with the Bears, is facing the daunting task of rebuilding a struggling franchise. The Bears have been one of the worst teams in the NFL, and Eberflus will need to show significant progress to secure his future.

Top Head Coach Candidates for 2024: A Pool of Talent

Should any of these coaches face the axe, there is no shortage of talented individuals vying for head coaching opportunities. Here are some of the top candidates to watch in 2024:

  • Ben Johnson, Lions offensive coordinator: Johnson, the 37-year-old offensive mastermind behind the Lions' resurgence, has impressed with his innovative play-calling and ability to maximize his players' potential.

  • Bobby Slowik, Texans offensive coordinator: Slowik, the architect of the Texans' offensive transformation, has demonstrated his ability to develop a young quarterback in Bryce Young and implement a dynamic offense.

  • Frank Smith, Dolphins offensive coordinator: Smith has played a crucial role in unlocking the potential of Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins' offense. His ability to design creative plays and adapt to different game situations makes him a sought-after candidate.

  • Kellen Moore, Chargers offensive coordinator: Moore, a rising star in the coaching world, has gained valuable experience as the Chargers' offensive coordinator. His innovative approach and ability to connect with his players make him a strong contender for head coaching roles.

  • Dan Quinn, Cowboys defensive coordinator: Quinn, a proven head coach with experience leading the Atlanta Falcons, is currently excelling as the Cowboys' defensive coordinator. His ability to motivate his players and implement effective defensive schemes is highly sought after.

  • Ejiro Evero, Panthers defensive coordinator: Evero, a rising defensive mind, has impressed with his ability to transform the Panthers' defense into a formidable unit. His leadership skills and strategic approach make him a viable head coaching candidate.

  • Lou Anarumo, Bengals defensive coordinator: Anarumo, a veteran coach with extensive experience, has been instrumental in the Bengals' defensive success. His ability to build a cohesive unit and adapt to different offenses makes him a valuable asset.

  • Mike Macdonald, Ravens defensive coordinator: Macdonald, a young and innovative coach, has quickly established himself

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