Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden—I Have Something to Say!

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Why did I choose it? I'll tell you the truth!

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden—I Have Something to Say!

The first trailer of the game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden liked the players very much. This is a post-apocalyptic world, but not the one we imagined. Game events take place in a world without people. Humanity has ruined itself.

There is no peaceful existence. Living creatures do not live, but survive. No more friends. There are only enemies. How to survive in such a world?


Life stopped after a global catastrophe. Only small groups have a chance to survive. One group wants to restore peace on a small piece of territory. She creates an ark. The Ark is a city where peaceful stalkers can rebuild their forces, repair weapons, and drink local alcohol.

Another group wants power and wants to destroy the ark with its inhabitants. They created a sect that wants to use the remains of ancient weapons to destroy the ark. Only stalkers can resist them.

Stalkers live on the ruins of the past. Cities, buildings, cars are all familiar to the player. These are the ruins of our lives. The human greed swallowed everything around. The tight balance of the universe is ruined.

The game world

Fallout fans will say that the post-apocalyptic world can't be green, with vegetation and no radiation. In this game, the world is very alive and similar to ours.

The ruined cities have kept the atmosphere of our lives. The buildings are full of things familiar to us. We know their true purpose, and stalkers are not familiar. They can only guess what the microwave, cassette tape recorder, mp3 player are.

Every corner of this world is well known to us. Many generations of stalkers have changed, but the world has remained in the same place. Development did not take place.

Combat system

The game is very similar to X-COM. Present and typical problems of the genre of tactical strategies. The opponent can stand on the next cell, and your hero does not hit him, because the chance to hit the target is only 25 percent. It's nerve-wracking, but such are the rules of the game.

This game is a relatively difficult. TBS that has a wonderful blend of stealth movement and silent takedowns. It is Fallout meets X-COM but is somehow utterly unique. This is a unique world with unique characters.

The whole gameplay consists of searching for scrap metal, stealth, and fights with enemies that prevent you from going. All the others can be bypassed.

Game characters

The first thing that surprises is the main characters. They are weird and interesting. These are not just people who designers draw animal heads onto.

They are mutants. Why are they born like this? They do not know that. Throughout the plot, the player and the main characters will seek to answer this question.

Each of them has their own history and character. In their conversations are many jokes and satires. The developers worked well over them. For this, they can be praised.

New mutations

Do not forget that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a role-playing game. For the destruction of enemies, each character receives levels and points of skill.

Some opportunities are not just an experience. These are mutations that change the character. At high levels, it's difficult to recognize a simply familiar animal. These are real mutants.


The developers made a major bet on the plot. As a gamer, I can say that it was the right choice. It is interesting to observe the development of events. The intrigue is present until the last second of the game.

There are only a few types of opponents. Less than 10. For such a short game—it is more than enough.

This is a game in which it is important to know the atmosphere and have an understanding of what's happening on the screen. Developers were able to maintain a balance between the amount of content and its quality.

I completed the storyline in 17 hours. These were wonderful hours. I do not regret spending time on this project. I will definitely return to this world again.

Developers will create a game continuation. They promise new characters, enemies, and a new storyline.

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