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MLB The Show 24: Top 10 Wishlist Features for Baseball Fans

Many players hope to see more changes in MLB The Show 24.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Every year, baseball fans eagerly anticipate the release of the newest MLB game. While MLB The Show 23 delivered some improvements, there's always room for growth. Here's a look at the top 10 features on our MLB The Show 24 wishlist:

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1. Deep Dive into Stats

One of the top requests from players is to introduce enhanced statistical depth in MLB The Show 24. Fans are clamoring for a top 20 ranking for each major statistical category across all franchises and the MLB, akin to the detailed rankings seen in NBA 2K games. This feature would not only enrich modes like Road to the Show (RTTS) and Franchise but also provide a more immersive and realistic baseball experience by offering in-depth insights into player performance and league standings.

Imagine delving into the history of your favorite franchise or the entire MLB by exploring comprehensive stats leaderboards. This feature could showcase the top 20 (or even 100) players in various categories, adding depth and historical context to both RTTS and Franchise modes.

2. Fielding Archetypes

Improving fielding mechanics is another key aspect players are hoping to see in MLB The Show 24. The community is advocating for diverse fielding archetypes that allow for different styles of fielding and throwing, such as players with strong arms holding the ball longer before making a powerful throw.

Imagine a strong-armed player holding the ball longer before unleashing a laser throw, or witnessing subtle variations in throwing mechanics. This would add a layer of realism and personalization to the gameplay.

3. Refining the Fielding Meter

A green release shouldn't translate to an errant throw. The fielding meter should ensure throws within the green zone land near the target, with yellow zones resulting in controllable but slightly off-target throws, and throws outside these zones leading to misplays based on the distance from the green zone.

4. Revamped Player Progression

Many players yearn for a more engaging and dynamic player development system. Whether it's incorporating specific training drills or introducing a regression system that reflects player aging, a revamped system would enhance the immersion and challenge of managing players' careers.

5. Import Draft Classes

Breathe new life into your RTTS and Franchise experiences by allowing the import of custom draft classes. This feature would keep players engaged by introducing fresh talent pools and fostering strategic roster building over extended playthroughs.

6. "Start This Date" Option

Immerse yourself in the real-life MLB season by starting a Franchise at any point, inheriting the current standings and player stats. This could be a monthly update, allowing you to take control of your favorite team at a specific point in the season and guide them toward their ultimate goal.

7. Enhanced Trade System

While the trade system saw improvements in previous iterations, further refinement is desired. Expanding trade slots and enabling three-team trades would unlock more strategic possibilities and create a more dynamic trade landscape within the game.

8. Create-a-Player Revamp

Whether it's adding a wider array of facial features, and hairstyles, or even implementing a face-scanning system (though admittedly a significant undertaking), enhancing the Create-a-Player suite would allow for deeper player customization and a more personalized experience.

9. Streamlining GM Goals

The current GM Goals interface feels somewhat cluttered and lacks actionable insights. Streamlining the presentation and offering more meaningful objectives would provide valuable guidance and a clearer sense of direction for players managing their teams.

10. Hitting Refinement

Fine-tuning the relationship between swing timing and ball contact would further enhance the hitting experience. This could involve providing clearer feedback on how well the player timed their swing relative to the pitch location and speed.

These are just a few of the features that would elevate the MLB The Show 24 experience for baseball fans. While some may require more development time than others, implementing even a portion of these improvements would undoubtedly lead to a more engaging and immersive baseball simulation.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Interesting! Well written! MLB is cool! I’ll take an orange now! Great work!

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