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It's Finally Here! Sims 4: Gothic/Punk CC FOR MALES!

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By Bianca WilsonPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

If you know what this is, thanks for reading my other posts but for those who don't, this is just a collection dump of all the cool free cc (custom content) I've found.

I am happy to announce my quest in finding some goth/punk male cc has been most fruitful and I would really like to share my findings with you all.

Thank you so much for reading, and even if you don't like the sims 4, if you like fashion, please give it a quick scroll! Thanks!

First off let's give some love to the one, the only, MADLEN!


They never disappoint. NEVER. They've come a long way and are pretty much the designer brand of Sims 4 Maxis Match CC that can open their own shoe and fashion line cause whoo! The quality, the relevance! The Usefulness! This year they came out with a female gothic set too that of course I adore because I am a Vampire Kisses Graphic Novel fan.

Tell me that isn't giving Raven? The dress with the gloves and bag comes as a complete full outfit set, so you don't have to worry about downloading extra separate cc and needing to put on the bag and gloves separately, this is also such a blessing because sometimes depending on your other eyelash or nail polish cc it can clash with bag cc which is usually put in bracelets or rings category in the Create-A-Sim mode. Do you guys think one day the sims will get around to adding a bag category for the sims? With different categories of backpacks, clutches, fannypacks and purses? Just imagine it. Pretty neat... let's manifest it.

Here are shoes you can pair with the male's outfit, these shoes are both for male and female sims.

As well as these.

Alright, let's close the chapter for Madlen and move on.


They make high quality (= hq) and base game compatible (= maxis match) clothing. Make sure you read the description before you download just anything. I stumbled upon this today and screamed.

Finally something well done and decent!~ But as I'm typing you know what I'm reminded of? Lysander from the otome site Mycandylove...

I could totally picture Madlen or NELL making some Lysander clothing collections, it's honestly right up their alley.

Here we have a set of ripped jeans and sweater which honestly just reminded me of Nobu from NANA the anime. Like just imagine a striped tank top underneath and a bunch of silver chunky chain necklaces, some boots and of course his hair and you get a complete set. Of course if someone ever made all the outfits from NANA for Shin, Nobu, Ren and the other male characters as maxis match cc, I imagine I'm not the only simmer out there who would be grateful for it. If not lose their marbles.

Simple, but the chain gives it some edge.

Once again, a simple shirt but it gives and says so much doesn't it? Girl or guy alike, you can't have a goth without at least one or two striped shirts in their wardrobe. It's like a staple.

Marsmerizing Sims

Marsmerizing sims, if you're muslim or wear the hijab for whatever reasons or purposes, you should check out Marsmerizing sims. They have a ton of maxis match content for modest sims and guys leaning towards the quirky, otaku/ asian trend inspired fashion. I like to think of their content as something you would definitely see on a runway. At times some of their older content seems like a delicious mixture of maxis match and alpha textures to the point I'm not even sure what to call it.

This is as perfect as it gets guys. *chef's kiss* this is a street punk set, aside from the shirt and choker there's a jacket.

Here we have a female and male set for some modest fashion but expressive yes? When one thinks of goth or punk the tops of those male outfits are what usually comes to mind first... if not something all black. Also the girl's paint splattered pants... you have no idea how much I love them.

And here's a male hair set. It speaks for itself, something you'd see on a punk.

It's giving My Chemical Romance and more.

I wouldn't say it's a full on goth or even punk set but some of the items can be used for sure.

Now, I don't want to talk your ears off so for now we'll call it a day. I hope some of these caught your attention. Thank you so much for reading once again if you got this far.


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Bianca Wilson

A college student studying Creative Writing. Webnovel writer, sims 4 simmer, poet and daydreamer.

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