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How To Win Wisconsin Badger 5 - Tips, Tools, and Winning Strategies!

how to win Badger 5

By Charles WekoPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Is winning a lottery still tops your wish list, but you have lost all hopes after trying several times?

Well, gather your hopes, pens, and paper all over again! Because, “Luck is not as random as you think. Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it”. So what are you waiting for! Grab pens and papers and note down the tips and techniques for how to win Wisconsin Badger 5 and make the most of these strategies to mark your future wins!

The game is an in-house jackpot game, played on similar patterns of Megabucks and Supercash. The game features a rolling top prize of $10,000 that keeps on growing by $1,000 with every draw until there’s a jackpot winner! The draws for the game are held from Monday through Sunday at 9 p.m. along with the option of playing your numbers for up to 7 consecutive days thereby multiplying your possibilities to win the game. You just need to get your hands on the playslip worth $1 and mark 5 different numbers from a field of 1 to 31 on the playslip. Or you also have the option for Quick Pick, if you prefer playing numbers randomly generated by the terminal. So turn the jackpot odds of 1 in 169,911 in your favor by incorporating these winning tips and tricks to your number selecting strategies to mark that win!

Buy More of Those Lottery Tickets!

A lot of theories have already backed up this concept! Buying a number of tickets helps increase your possibility of winning. And to overcome the hurdle of quite a large investment, it is often advised that first be sure of the numbers you wish to play and then purchase the tickets. So that you don’t waste the money and focus on winning more than often.

Form Lottery Pools!

The most appropriate way to get more lotto tickets without bearing a heavy budget on your shoulders is getting into the lottery pool. This way the cost of buying bulk tickets is equally split and even the jackpot won will be equally split among the pool members.

Don’t Follow A Set Pattern!

A lot of players decide on betting on some specific numbers, including birth dates, anniversary dates, certain addresses, thereby restricting the number to specific numbers, thereby making it quite difficult for you to win the lottery.

Hot Lottery Numbers! Do They Really Work?

What are “hot numbers”? So, the numbers that are repeatedly drawn or are favored the most by the lottery machines are known as Hot Lottery Numbers. To get a view of which numbers are ruling your favorite game, you just need to analyze the past game results and then get the hot numbers for that particular game. Betting on these hot digits definitely increases your chances of winning the game.

Apart from adopting any of these winning strategies, let’s analyze some of the lottery winning tools that can help you bag JACKPOTS and is a solid answer to your how to win Wisconsin Badger 5!

Frequency Analysis

This tool analyses the past lottery results and tests the individual outcomes of numbers thereby bringing you the observed and expected frequency of lottery numbers which helps you bet on the right numbers.

Transition Matrix

This tool assesses the past winning numbers and observes the drawing pattern of lottery machines. This helps in detecting the pattern of the sequence of numbers drawn.

Tightness Test

This tool observes the past draw results and helps you know which are the “hot” or “cold” numbers by observing the drawing pattern of lottery machines. This helps you know which numbers may improve your odds of winning.

Lottery Wheel

This tool examines the forms of bets and game numbers. It assists you by identifying outcomes of multiple lottery bets, thereby helping you pick the numbers to create customized side bets!

These are some of the tips and tools that can help you win Wisconsin Badger 5! So why waste time and money on sky-promising winning strategies, instead, jump in The Lottery Lab and pick winning numbers based on statistical data analysis, which actually works on helping you win the lottery!

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