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How to turn off a Redstone torch || Minecraft

by kunal pardeshi about a year ago in adventure games · updated 8 months ago
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Short tutorial to turn off the redstone torch in minecraft

How to turn off a Redstone torch in Minecraft?

This is a very basic question that needs to be asked for newbies and non-tech geeks who are not familiar with the principles of Redstone. And after reading this tutorial on turning off a Redstone torch, you will never ask how the professional players do it! So let's get started...

So what's wrong with having on/off control over Redstone torches? They do not work like light switches - but instead of working in an 'On' state or an 'Off' state, they can be switched from On to Off and back again any number of times.

Watch this quick video tutorial on how to turn off a redstone torch:

This means that they are capable of turning themselves off based on their own requirements in order to accommodate other devices such as Redstone Circuits.

[Before we move further if you don't know What is minecraft? Then this tutorial is not for you!]

When a Redstone torch is triggered via Redstone Wire, it will deactivate itself for 2 game ticks (0.4 seconds) before turning back on again to On status. The same process occurs in reverse if the wire is broken or switched off at any point through other methods such as pistons or doors!

In order to prevent this auto-off feature from occurring, we need to add an additional layer of command processing - and put ourselves in charge of that processing instead of allowing our Redstone Torch (and other devices) to take action.

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This new method involves surrounding the device with a block of bedrock, while placing a repeater directly behind the Redstone device. In this case, the Redstone Torch!

This is not a requirement - but it will prevent any other devices (piston) from removing the wire that powers the Redstone torch - as even a direct hit from a piston cannot remove bedrock blocks!

we need to surround our Redstone torch with 4 blocks of bedrock and placed a repeater behind the device.

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By placing an additional layer of repeaters in front of your torches/devices - and wiring those additional repeating blocks back to themselves, you effectively create an endless loop of power that prevents Redstone devices from turning off unless they are powered ON by external sources or via pistons/doors etc.

Before we know how to turn off a Redstone torch it highly recommended to check the 2 best Minecraft servers now lets continue the tutorial...

For example: If we place a Redstone Torch in a row of 4 Redstone Torches using the repeater method shown above - then activate them via Redstone wire from the right, the torch on the far left will turn off for 0.4 seconds before turning back on again and repeating this process indefinitely!

This is what you want to achieve for devices that never need to turn off (such as torches) but must avoid being switched off by other devices.

Now onto switches and levers...

The only difference is that if we place a single lever into an ocean of powered repeaters, it will act like a switch that breaks power to whatever device it's facing but does not require physical input at any time.

In this case, our pulled lever can be seen in the video above to break power to our Redstone torch at all times - without ever needing to be turned ON or OFF.

Alternatively, if you wish for a lever/switch to become active when pulled - then simply place the lever into a wall of bedrock and wire it directly up alongside your devices. When you're done doing what you need to do, pull the lever and everything will turn off properly!

Hope this guide helps you to turn off Redstone torch works ! :)

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