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What Is 'Minecraft'?

by Hibnu Hishath 4 years ago in walkthrough

The Guide to Get Started with 'Minecraft'

Minecraft is an amazing sandbox style game that brings out the creativity in the player. When it was first introduced back in 2009, it only had the creative mode, and soon the survival mode was introduced. This article is primarily focused on the survival mode of the game.

The Minecraft world is infinitely expanding and appears to be really beautiful at the day time, but gets really dangerous at night. So the first mission to accomplish is to build a shelter. I would recommend chopping blocks of wood and digging up dirt to setup your first shelter.

There are few key items that we need to craft to excel in this game and for that you need a... CRAFTING TABLE! So to build a crafting table, the player needs to first craft wooden planks from the wooden blocks.

Making Planks

Then using the crafted wooden blocks we can craft a crafting table. Unlike 2 x 2 box that we have by default, the crafting provides a 3 x 3 option, giving the player a great level of freedom in what he/she wishes to craft. The below image can guide you.

Crafting a Crafting Table

There are different kinds of tools the player can craft including pickaxes, swords, axes, shovels, and hoes. Each serve their own purpose and can't be replaced by another.

Let's go over the purpose of each tools, starting with a pickaxe. The pickaxe helps the player to mine ores. For example, the player cannot use his bare hands to mine a stone. Even though after a while the player may break the stone, he/she wouldn't be able to collect it. So you need to craft a pickaxe using sticks and wooden planks. You can make sticks by placing one single wooden plank in the crafting table. There are different types of pickaxes as well based on the material it was made with i.e., wooden, stone, iron, golden, and/or diamond.


Swords are another powerful tool that can cause a lot of damage to the mobs. Mobs include passive creatures like sheep and the hostile ones like zombies. I will later go over the different mobs in another article. A wooden sword is crafted using a stick and two wooden planks. Just like a pickaxe, swords can also be made with different materials. With the just a few hits, the player will be able to kill a creature using a sword, and is recommended rather than using any other tool.


As you play more and more Minecraft, you'll understand how valuable time is. That's where an axe comes into action. An axe can be used to chop blocks of wood and it reduces the time consumption by half. An wooden axe can be crafted using two sticks, and three planks of wood. The durability of the axe is based on the material it is made with. It can also be used to break down an crafted items. For example, let's take a wooden door to be broken. A wooden door cannot be broken down with the hands and hence takes an infinite amount of time, but with the use of an axe, it can be broken down in a few seconds.

Finally, lets talk about hoes. When you have a decent shelter and want to settle down a little, a sustainable method to get food is by farming, and the only way to farm is using a hoe. To craft a hoe you would require two sticks and two wooden planks. It is used to turn a grass block to till dirt where you can place seeds to start farming. Just make sure that there is a water source nearby to the tilled dirt.

Future articles will go in depth to cover various aspects of Minecraft, and I hope you gained the basic knowledge on how to get started on Minecraft!


Hibnu Hishath

Content developer and a gamer. Checkout my YouTube channel called "The Hibzz Game." New Content coming soon :)

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