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How To Play American Football - Rules of Sport

by makarand 2 months ago in real time strategy / how to / feature / esports
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American Football

A video game of such magnitude needs a deep understanding of every single aspect and rule of the various games played by individuals to have the maximum potential of their performance with the highest possible win rate and record.

So as you know by now, I am a massive fan of the game of football and how far it has shaped the future of my own country and, more specifically, the United States. So here, without any further ado, this article will guide you about what a player can do and why he needs to play it so well, in other words, rules, strategy, tactics etc.

Before we get into that, let us first understand some basics of the sport. We can say that there are different types of sports these days like

1. Outdoor Sports

2. Inter-School Sports

3. National Schools Sports

4. School Games

5. Community Activities

6. Religious Events & Festivals

7. Personal Gatherings of Friends

8. International Sports

9. Entertainment and Music

10. The Internet and Media

11. Business Events & Meetings

12. Politics Events

13. Specialized Sporting Events

14. Military Events

15. Government & Law Event(This may sound controversial, though the government of the United States has a stringent rule for athletes who want to participate in sports as part of military services, such as those serving in the Army, Air Force or Navy). This is because these countries have a high risk of terrorism and its consequences

Now I want to tell you why and how a football player needs to be great at playing the game? A good understanding of rules is essential in becoming a successful person in the modern era of technological advancement. An individual not only plays the game of football but also helps his team with numerous strategies like using a particular weapon or scoring a goal to get the victory. These two factors combine to make up a perfect formula for success in football.

But how should one improve and hone his skills to gain such performance and perfection? Well, that is where the rules come in. All the players in professional football are given a set of written rules to follow. Hence an individual can learn from them and implement them for himself. There are several rules of football which are listed below:

1. Goal Rule

At least 50 per cent of all goals will be scored. Any plan can be made open if it is an explicit goal of the opposition. However, we can see here that when we think about it, we see 100 per cent chances and the goals rule. Thus to score a goal, no one has to act at all except the opponent. Players must not try to get away from the ball because they cannot control it. It's a simple concept, but still, some people don't understand it.

2. Collision – Free Play

A penalty is called "collision-free play" if both teams are at fault. Neither side can take advantage of this situation, which means a red card. If one team tries for a foul, this results in a yellow card. It is a simple but effective idea. Both teams try to move toward each other and create as many collisions as possible. Thus this is known as collusion-free play.

3. End Zone Rules

No end zone can be entered without an infringement. When a team crosses the line so the next player on the opposite side cannot be able to reach the ball. So this means that a player should never get away from the ball, so they can put their hands on the ball and try to grab it and not touch it without their feet. You can not avoid collision with the ball. Even a hand-in-hand collision can occur.

4. Ball Handling

This term is also entirely valid to prevent a cross. Therefore a tackle cannot happen between two players who are facing. Also, if a player touches a ball, it will automatically go through the 'yellow area', but contact can occur without reaching it. Furthermore, it's an essential requirement of law.

5. Referees/Linemen

There are three referees; in this case, these are the umpire and referee assistants. Umpires judge whether the player is guilty or not. That means he is called a disobeying referee every time a red card is given. So if an umpire calls the player a disobeying referee, it will lead to a dismissal of these players in the match. Every player in the game will receive a second chance because a player cannot be eliminated from it to get a red card. But also they don't have an opportunity to get a new ball. And the same applies to field technicians. They also check if anyone is breaching this regulation.

6. Handball

This is not much concerned with the field but about keeping your own. Therefore, everyone will not get any chance to play freely. To protect yourself, the defender can use their hand to stop the opponent from touching the ball. However, a player can not be able to break through this boundary. Moreover, the linemen can guard the area in the middle.

7. Slippery Hands

This one is applicable when the ball is taken from the field. You can start the movement when it gets to the ground just because you can. With just this simple movement, you can take advantage of the space. Everyone is aware that this action brings harm. So to avoid this action, you must practice and learn by doing. This is known as slippery hands. Isn't there anything tricky with these? What prevents you from taking the ball away? Thus the defenders must keep a balance while chasing the ball with their feet. The defence must not run after the ball with everything running for them. You cannot try to take the ball away if the field is slippery. Don't be careless with the area; thus, only try to defend yourself and keep your hands on the ball. Don't let yourself loose to take the ball away. Because in the event of any attack, the attacker cannot finish off the play, so he gets hit, which leads to death.

8. Sides

This kind of thing is applied during kickabouts (but not before then). At every kick-out, a defence is allowed to pass from one end zone to another. Whereas this action of following the way is not permitted in the case of a midfielder, but there is still the move is possible. To protect yourself, try your best to stay as close as possible to the edge of the field.

9. Goals

If such a player doesn't understand rules well, he may be giving away his team in the process. If that happens, then we can say that he will not perform his duties so well. Now he should always keep his head as the ball moves towards where he has been before, but he has a better understanding of the rules. Thus he can save us. So when the ball comes back to the field, that player must be ready to shoot that shot, or he cannot hold it long enough. Likewise, whenever a defensive player starts thinking about the possibility of scoring a goal and trying to take the ball from where ever player is from, the defender must try as soon as possible to get the ball. Otherwise, he is letting the attacker get away. Therefore the defender must take a more extended amount of time to do his dribbling movements and try to collect this ball as quickly as possible to prevent such actions of attacking from the outside.

10. Passing

Now everyone knows that passing is one of the crucial elements of football. It helps us get opportunities in every way. Our body is used to moving in different ways, and as soon as we put these two things together, it becomes almost impossible to stop, making the game easier to read.

11. Pushing

This is another essential element of having a team and forward passing. Similarly, if a player passes with his feet or arms, he might not be able to bring his team close to a win. As soon as a player puts something on his team, he wants to take that same player with him into his own team. Similarly, we can say that pushing is another essential of a team, and a goal scorer as a player can bring a team one level up from another. Another example is if someone pushes the opponent, he will lose his team and also cause him to be unable to advance to the top. Thus this is another critical component of having a team. Moreover, you cannot keep going forever if you have lost your team. Therefore you will be pushed by your team and try your best to defeat them.

12. Rushing

To sum it all up, we can say that football is known to be one of the best-organized sports but has many rules. People are given rules to follow and a specific number of positions for each player to perform

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