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How to Get Free Operator Skins in COD MW3?

These free operator skins offer an excellent opportunity for players to enhance their gaming experience in MW3.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 2 months ago 3 min read

The addition of many free Operator Skins in the COD MW3 update was a major milestone in COD's history. For many players these facing Operators Skins have a great attraction, so how do we get these skins? This guide below will explain in detail how to get free Operators Skins in COD MW3.

Fastest Way to Unlock Killshot Operator Skin

Killshot Operator Skin

To unlock the Killshot Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 3 quickly, you can participate in the Hord Hunt event.

  1. Requirements: Collect skulls of full armored zombies, hellhound skulls, and mimic skulls.
  2. Efficient Method: Play Plunder mode to gather skulls quickly by opening crates.
  3. Event Duration: The event will be available for around a week and a half.
  4. Plunder Strategy: Continuously open crates in Plunder to accumulate the required skulls efficiently.
  5. Event Deadline: The event will end not this Wednesday but the upcoming Wednesday.

By focusing on Plunder mode and actively collecting the specified skulls, you can swiftly unlock the Killshot Operator Skin before the event concludes.

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Free Monster Energy Operator Skin

Monster Energy Operator Skin

To claim the Monster Energy Clutch Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 3 for free, follow these steps based:

1. Redemption Methods:

  • Visit to automatically redeem the code for the skin.
  • If the above method doesn't work, visit and use the reusable code provided.

2. Skin Availability:

  • The skin is available for a limited time and will likely expire at the end of the collaboration with Monster Energy.

3. In-Game Access:

  • After redeeming, restart your game and access the skin variant in the locker under Barbecue.

By utilizing these methods promptly, you can secure the Monster Energy Clutch Operator Skin at no cost before the collaboration ends.

Mortem Operator Skin (Limited Time)

Mortem Operator Skin

To unlock the Mort Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 3 for free, follow these steps based:

  1. Availability: The Mort Operator Skin is currently accessible through the Battle Royale preview mode.
  2. Unlocking Criteria: To obtain this skin, you must win a match in Battle Royale preview mode and ensure you have a weapon case in your inventory upon victory.
  3. Challenges: Be cautious of opponents attempting to exfil with the weapon case, as this may hinder your ability to acquire the skin.
  4. Mode Duration: The Battle Royale preview mode was reintroduced recently, so it's advisable to act promptly to secure the Mort Operator Skin before any potential removal.

Saddle Up Operator Skin Bundle

Saddle Up Operator Skin

We can follow the steps below to get FREE Saddle Up Operator Skin Bundle:

1. Bundle Contents:

  • The bundle comprises the Range Watcher skin, an AR weapon blueprint, a calling card, a sticker, and a loading screen.

2. Availability:

  • The Saddle Up Operator Bundle is currently accessible through Amazon Prime Gaming.

3. Redemption Process:

  • Ensure you have an Amazon Prime account linked to your Call of Duty account.
  • Visit the Amazon Prime Gaming website to claim the bundle before the specified deadline.

4. Tip for Free Trial:

  • If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can opt for a free trial to access the bundle.
  • Start the trial close to the expiration date to maximize benefits across different bundles.

By following these steps promptly, you can secure the Saddle Up Operator Bundle at no cost through Amazon Prime Gaming.

Decomposition Combat Pack Operator Bundle

Decomposition Combat Pack Operator

To obtain the Decomposition Combat Pack Operator Bundle in Modern Warfare 3, follow these steps based:

1. Availability: The Decomposition Combat Pack is part of the Season 2 PlayStation Plus bundle.

2. Redemption Process:

  • If you have PlayStation Plus, you can claim this bundle directly in the store.
  • The bundle includes the groundbreaking operator skin, SMG blueprint (Red Eye for WSP 9), and pistol blueprint (Kleptomaniac for Reti), along with other items like a charm, emblem, sticker, and calling card.

3. Multiplatform Access:

  • If you are on multiple platforms like PlayStation and PC, you can claim the bundle on PlayStation and use it across platforms.

4. Exclusive Benefit:

  • This marks the last year of exclusive benefits for PlayStation users in Call of Duty MW3.

Ensure to claim the Decomposition Combat Pack promptly if you are a PlayStation Plus member to access the exclusive operator skin and weapon blueprints.

Upcoming Operators

Stay tuned for upcoming operators like Ghost Condemned, Safeguard, and Dune collaboration skins, set to be released in the Season 2 Reloaded update through events or crossovers.

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