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How to Check Play Time on Nintendo Switch?

by Anny Christine 26 days ago in nintendo

How to Check Play Time on Nintendo Switch?

How to Check Play Time on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is one of the primary sources of entertainment developed especially for gamers by Nintendo. It’s like a standard tablet that can also be used as a portable device. It has wireless JoyCon controllers with traditional buttons and analog sticks that make it more convenient for users.

Most of the time, gamers spend several hours playing and sitting in front of the gaming screen. Therefore, Nintendo provides a method by which you can check your hours playing on your gaming console for a particular adventure. You can also put some privacy so that no other user or friend can see your playing hours.

Here is how to check the number of hours you have spent playing on your Nintendo Switch:

Checking Playing Time on Your Nintendo Switch

Follow these instructions if you want to check how many hours you have played on your Switch gaming console:

First and foremost, go to the primary menu of your Nintendo Switch.

Then, select the profile picture by navigating the upper-left edge.

You will see a profile page with a dedicated tab. Scroll your screen rightward to use the joystick.

Now, scroll down the list to view all the games you have played on your console, including the amount of time you spent playing your favorite game.

Checking Friend’s Play times

If you wish to check your friend’s play time, then follow these straightforward steps:

Reach to the main menu of your Nintendo Switch and then choose your profile picture using the upper left-hand side edge of your screen.

Scroll down the page and look for the Friend’s List. You will see the icons of your friend’s profile on the right-hand side portion.

You have to scroll over the page to a friend’s profile you like to see.

Tap the A button to view their profile. The games you have recently played will appear on the right.

Now, scroll down the list using your joystick to check how many hours you have spent playing several games.

Note: If you have put your profile under privacy, then no other person will be able to see your play settings.

Restart the console in order to let the device accept all the changes you have made.

Applying Privacy to Your Profile So Your Friends Cannot View Your Play Activity

Here are the guidelines to know how to make your playing activity private and bound to you so that your friends can’t see your gaming activity:

Go to the primary menu of your Nintendo Switch and then choose the option Profile Picture located at the upper left edge.

Then, scroll down the page and reach the User Settings section.

After that, hit the tab Play Activity Settings.

Now, choose the option “Display Play Activity To.”

In case you like your best friends to see your gaming activity, you need to choose the option “Best Friends,” otherwise tap the “No One,” especially if you don’t want to let your play activity to share with anyone.

You can also make your play activity secure and private to you so that no friends can say that you are online now. If you want the same, then hit the button B to back up to the final menu.

Now, choose the option Friend Settings.

In case you like to hide your online status, you have to press the option “Display online status to.”

If you want good friends to view your online status, then choose the option Best Friends. If you like, no one will be able to see your online tag, then press the option “No One.” Doing this, no one can’t see your playing hours and your online status except you.

Now that you know how to manage or handle your Nintendo Switch to check your hours played, go ahead and open your Switch, reach to the main menu and then choose the profile picture. Go to the User Settings section to check your playing hours, apply privacy, and hide your online status from others.

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Anny Christine
Anny Christine
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