Hot on the Heels of Destiny: Rise of the Iron, Destiny 2 is Headed to PC

by Dustin Murphy 2 years ago in pc

What if the game decided to completely abandon the past title and allow itself to evolve in a much larger entity?

Hot on the Heels of Destiny: Rise of the Iron, Destiny 2 is Headed to PC

When thinking of the future of Destiny, it's hard to imagine where the series might go, what content we might see, and where we will find ourselves in the upcoming year. Many of us can imagine ourselves standing at the tower looking over the city, watching the denizens down below watching Guardians take flight in order to protect them, and to provide them with safety from unknown threats. In turn, many of us can also imagine a world where that safe haven has become compromised. A place where the Traveler has once more awakened in order to protect those people from "The Darkness".

But what if Destiny took the approach like what Diablo 2 did to its predecessor Diablo by Blizzard Entertainment? What if the game decided to completely abandon the past title and allow itself to evolve in a much larger entity? This is all something Destiny 2 could very well do with trying to welcome in the PC community. But to do so is a much bigger task than Bungie probably will expect to accomplish as our "Year 3" gets under way with Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Destiny 2 Will Need to Transition to an MMO Style Game

When looking at games that Destiny could quite easily be compared to, many of us think of titles such as Diablo, Borderlands, World of Warcraft, and even games such as Tom Clancy's The Division have managed to accomplish in the past and even in recent years. With its approach, Destiny would be required to take on a large-MMO style like approach that will bring players together. This isn't because Destiny didn't work before, but the fact for many players, it could feel empty, deserted, and forgotten by much of the games player base.

Providing larger server groups and an open world experience that seamlessly transitions, Bungie would be allowing players to feel they are part of a much bigger picture. One that allows for Guardian's to arrive on a planet in order to see those they expect to play with. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for Destiny at this time. Players are landing into empty zones where they are reluctant to see a few Guardians at a time. A lot of the time that isn't the case and the transition to a true MMO style game will alleviate such issues that fans seem to encounter.

Destiny 2 Will Need to Allow for Characters to Transfer Across All Platforms

While this isn't something new for Destiny, Bungie has been making strides in order to keep all fans readily enjoying the game once Destiny: Rise of Iron launched only two weeks ago. Many fans have already begun transition from both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game due to the fact that support has all except been discontinued as of August.

To ensure this kind of support continues, Bungie will once more be required to ensure that fans are able to carry characters over from either console to PC in order to ensure they get the best experience possible. This system will have to adapt to an MMO type standard where players will use their accounts in order to login and jump onto the character of their choice. However, success won't be hinged just on the fact PC players will be there, but cross-platform play.

Allowing fans to group up, quest, do missions, and even perform their tasks as Fireteam members would an astounding feat for fans on all three platforms. It'd allow them to not just grab a broader audience, but to build an even larger community where fans can interact across multiple platforms all at once and even find even more lively zones if Destiny 2 uses the same networking technology as Destiny. But for now? For now we can only hope and wait to see what Destiny 2 does in the upcoming days.

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