Help, I'm stuck on the second day!

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Help, I'm stuck on the second day!

This walk-through is for the second day in the game Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem the 33rd game in the Nancy Drew series. In this walk-through I will go over all the possible reasons you might be stuck on the second day. Since I decided not to include the pancakes challenge, there is a total of 6 solutions here for why people get stuck on the second day of the game.

Don't worry, you are not alone! Lot's of people get stuck on the second day ... even me. There are a few reason why you might be stuck on the second day and the last reason isn't even your fault.

As I'm sure you know, the day starts with you making pancakes for everyone. Then you head to town square to 'further the investigation'. This is where everyone starts to get confused, part of this might be because there are so many optional things to do on this. For starters, making the special pancakes after the first batch is optional. However, there is an achievement for it. The truth serum that you can make that day is also completely optional.

1. The first reason you might be stuck.

There are two things you need to find in the burnt Hawthorne house. The first is a business card in one of the inner pockets of the jacket that you find. While it might seem unnecessary, you need to click inspect on the jacket and then move your cursor over the tiny inside pocket by the zipper. Once your cursor turns on a magnifying glass you can then get the business card inside. The second is the letter inside the secretaries desk. I'm sure already notices the leaf drawing in the mirror and I'm sure you already notices the panel on the desk ... but you have to make Nancy notice it too for some reason. Click on the mirror twice until Nancy says something about the drawing. Then click where the drawing is on the desk.

2. Talk to Everyone

Make sure not to forget about this new character, the judges son a.k.a. Jason. Once you first see him in his dad's office, he will move to his more permanent spot. He is just outside Town Hall leaning a very colorful car. Talk to him and get his alibi. It's needed to activate a cute scene later. However, he isn't the only one.

Here is a full list of everyone you need to talk to on day 2:

  • Judge Danforth
  • Alicia
  • Teegan
  • Jason
  • Olivia Ravencroft
  • Lauren

3. Something I got stuck on.

Call your Dad, Carson Drew. If you keep getting voicemail note that you have to click on the locked gate first. Once you've done that an orange circle should show up on your phone. That means it's time call and ask you Dad for a favor?

4. The Most Common Reason.

There is one more thing you forget to check while in the evidence room, the security camera. There are a few security cameras around, but the one have to click on is the one in the evidence room. Nancy will say "There might be footage from the day of the break-in." Once she says this, you can probably go talk to the judge now.

5. Checking the right file cabinets.

You may notice that several of cabinets are empty, but Nancy is only interested in these three: 6, 11 and 18. While you have the empty cabinet already open, you need to left-click on your evidence list. Once your cursor turns into an icon of the sheet of paper, then you click on the empty cabinet. Nancy will say "Interesting" for each of the 3 empty file cabinets.

Then, once you checked all 3 she will say something about a connection she noticed. All of the missing evidence is for the same accused of the Hathorne House. Once she says that, you are done with the file cabinets.

6. It's a glitch.

If you tried everything, you are getting really frustrated and the judge just won't stop talking about that damn post-it note even though you already found it and you already looked at everything in the evidence room. Heck, you even tried calling everyone in your phone just in case. It's a glitch! This isn't even the first time a glitch like this has happened in a Nancy Drew game, a similar glitch happened in 'Shadow at Water's Edge'.

So, if this is you than I have some BAD NEWS and then a little bit of GOOD NEWS to make up for it. The BAD NEWS is that you need to start a new game in a new file. I had to do this, you are not alone. I know it's frustrating. The GOOD NEWS is that since you've played through the game already this far it's really easy to just fly through it again. You don't even have to watch the cut scenes again. There is a tab on the top left part of the screen, click it and an option for 'Skip Cut-Scene' will show up. Also, you can just left-click through all the dialogue.

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