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Great Video Game Characters Who Need a Comeback

by Greg Joseph 4 years ago in vintage
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Characters come and go but these never should've left. Here are great video game characters who need a comeback.

Video games have been a staple in American society since Pong came on the scene in 1972. As the gaming industry has evolved in the last 45 years, there have been hundreds of thousands of characters in all types of games. As games change, characters come and go or just get taken off the map altogether. There are many characters that fans wish never left, here are 10 video game characters who need a comeback.

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim is a unique character. His name comes from his earthworm "super suit" and he is one of the most beloved characters in video game history. The Earthworm Jim game was initially released as a Sega exclusive but shortly moved to all consoles after it was proven to be immensely popular. Earthworm Jim made his debut in 1994 and saw a sequel released in 1995 but hasn't been seen since, aside from an HD remake of the classic in 2010. Fans of the series would love to see a modern rendition of Earthworm Jim.

Conker the Squirrel

While he seemed to be a child-friendly character when he first appeared in Diddy Kong Racingfor the N64, Conker was anything but. In his standalone title, Conker's Bad Fur Day, players saw Conker ripping teddy bears to pieces, foul language, and drunken antics. Conker often draws comparisons to X-Men character Deadpool because of the way he breaks the fourth wall and says what is on his mind. The incredible success of the Merc with the Mouth has fans clamoring for Conker again, making him one of the great video game characters who need a comeback.

Viewtiful Joe

Fans saw plenty of Viewtiful Joe, with his two standalone titles and appearing in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but he hasn't been seen in years. In his standalone games, Joe, an obsessive movie watcher, is sucked into one of his favorite films and has to become a superhero to save his girlfriend. These games had great graphics and incredible fighter gameplay for the time. Fans would love to see a new rendition of Viewtiful Joe with these features improved to fit modern consoles.


Another one of the many classic N64 video game characters who need a comeback is Glover. The game Glover had a simple concept: you play as a sentient right-handed glove and are required to transport a ball to the end of the stage to advance to the next one. The ball was an extension of the glove; if you lost the ball, or it was destroyed, you lost a life. Limits of consoles at the time made Glover much more difficult than it had any right being. There was a planned sequel to the game but it was never released after the original was released on PlayStation and was a total flop. Modern interactive gaming consoles like the Xbox Kinect could make Glover a more viable option in 2018.

Captain Commando

Initially conceived to be the corporate mascot of Capcom, Captain Commando, who was essentially a super-powered police officer, would beat up super-powered criminals with the help of his three friends. The classic arcade beat-em-up game didn't have a sequel and Captain Commando has only appeared in crossover games since the original release. With beat-em-ups as popular as ever with the success of series like Injustice, now would be a great time for Captain Commando to be one of the many video game characters who should make a comeback.

Captain Falcon

Despite still appearing in Super Smash Bros. and being one of the games more popular characters, Captain Falcon is still one of the great video game characters who need a comeback in his own franchise. Captain Falcon's success in Super Smash Bros. is exactly why Nintendo should bring his own title back. Captain Falcon was the protagonist of his own racing title and with Nintendo's lack of racing titles, aside from Mario Kart, now would be the perfect time for him to make a comeback, especially now that the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a successful console.


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was a unique game in that it was one of the few game franchises to take place in Australia. Ty was a member of an extinct race of Tasmanian tigers looking for his family. Ty is forced to become a fighter, using his classic boomerangs to defeat an evil Cassowary. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger had a few different releases in the early 2000s but now, with enhanced realistic graphics, would be the perfect time to return to picturesque Australia for more adventures with Ty.

Zitz, Rash, & Pimple

Battletoads, not to be confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was one of the of most frustrating beat-em-ups of all time. Starring toad brothers Zitz, Rash, and Pimple, this game pushed players to their breaking point. Video games became easier after Battletoads, but now gamers are back to wanting more challenging tasks. This would be the perfect time for these video game characters who need a comeback, aside from their cameos in Shovel Knight to push players as far as they can go.


An iconic character from the days of the original PlayStation, Spyro was, and still is, everyone's favorite purple dragon. Aside from a brief cameo appearance in Skylanders, Spyro has fallen off the map in more recent years and it's time for him to come back. The younger generation of gamers knows Spyro has a side character in a different game franchise, which is disappointing because Spyro was one of the most enjoyable games ever made and is one of the video game characters who need a comeback.


Despite being generic as can be, Quest 64, with lead character Brian, is one of the best RPGs to be released on the N64. Quest was a coming-of-age story for Brian and was a fun experience for any gamer. There are beliefs that if a more complex version of this classic was released on a new console it could be a huge success since everyone loves a good coming-of-age story.


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