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Gamer Who Dominated Post Apocalyptic MMORPGs Utterly Crushed by Actual Post Apocalyptic World

by Everyday Junglist 2 months ago in satire

In Ironic Twist of Fate

The world Ted Stephens never knew. Image by ahmadreza heidaripoor from Pixabay

Long time post apocalyptic MMORPG gamer Ted Stephens was utterly crushed by the post apocalyptic world he found himself in shortly after a surprise thermonuclear war erupted between the United States and Russia, dying in just under 37 minutes after a beam supporting the roof of the basement where he spent most of his days and nights playing post apocalyptic MMORPGs collapsed. Ted’s skull was split open by the large steel beam killing him instantly and ending his first ever foray into an actual post apocalyptic world in near record time. His fast and brutal death in the actual post apocalypse stood in stark contrast to his utter domination of post apocalyptic MMORPGs including Tom Clancy’s The Division, where the player’s goal is to survive in the after-pandemic world, Fallout 76, an online sequel of the famous nuclear-themed game, and Secret World Legends. The creators of those MMORPG’s could not be reached for comment as they were currently in pitched battles with radiation scarred cannibals for control of the worlds rapidly dwindling supply of clean water.


And now, brought to you by the good people of a series of <600 word pad count stories to bring my word total up to the publishable limit. As any dummy could see from the above story, at barely 200 words it was clearly a total piece of shit of zero artistic or humorous value and clearly not worth publishing. But with the magic of filler material suddenly, like magic, it becomes actual literature fit for publication in the storied pages of Vocal dot media.

Another Machine Learning Infographic

With Apologies to Dr. Seuss


Another AI Infographic

Yep, Another One

Go ahead and make a bumper sticker if you want. I did. Lol!

Atmospheric Science as a Model to Understand the Technology Hypeosphere

The Layered Hypeosphere Concept Allows Us to Visualize Something or Other and Learn Something Else

The five layers of the technology hypeosphere

The Layered Hypeosphere–Go onto the internet and look around. What do you see? You might see a news website or an entertainment provider, or an advertisement, or any number of interesting and not so interesting things. What you are not seeing, however, is the complexity of our hypeosphere. The hypeosphere is a protective layer of bullshit that shelters all technology on the internet and the earth, keeping them from too much serious criticism or in depth analysis.

The hypeosphere has five different layers that are determined by the changes in the amount of brown-nosing and bullshit that happen with increasing hypeitude.


Surfing the internet, we are usually only aware of the events happening in the lowest layer, the hopeosphere, where all hype is first conceived and spread in a thick fog like layer. The base of this layer is warmer than its top because the bullshit is heated by the nearness to Silicon valley on the surface of the Earth, which provides the bullshit energy. It get’s its name from the hopes of success and world domination that technology products come to market with.


Above the hopeosphere lies the nanotechnolosphere where Silicon Valley executives private airplanes fly. Brown nosing increases with altitude along with increasing amounts of bullshit. The excess nanoparticles used in various manufacturing processes not currently embedded deep within the lungs of the human population of the earth, help absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight that would otherwise shine on the bullshit and expose it for the crap it is.


As the neurotechnolosphere extends upward above the nanotechnolosphere, temperatures decrease. The coldest parts of our hypeosphere are located in this layer and can reach –90°C. Beyond that little is known about this mysterious layer of the hopeosphere. In a recent study of 2 samples (n =2) of material taken from this layer and analyzed using neurosphere scans neuosphereologists were able to locate “justice” by seeing where it lit up the neurosphere horizon. It was one of the largest and most scientifically solid studies of the neurotechnolosphere ever conducted.


In the forth layer from Earth’s surface, the machinelearnosphere, the truth is thin, meaning that there are far fewer true statements and facts. It is believed to be mostly composed of logical contradictions and logical impossibilities. The machinelearnosphere is very sensitive to solar activity and can heat up to 1,500°C or higher when the Sun is active making an aurora that lights up the night sky. Richard Branson can be found orbiting Earth in his space plane in this layer. An alternate name for this layer, machinecannotlearnosphere has been proposed but has failed to gain much traction in the pseudoscientific community.


The upper layer of our hypeosphere, where atoms and molecules of reality escape into space, is called the AIonsphere. It is one of the most widely misunderstood layers of the hypeosphere. Many people erroneously believe that it is a real, actually existing thing, and that they have been there or interact with it every day. In fact the term is a misnomer and a more accurate name would be the moderncomputonosphere. AIonosphereologists have fought hard to preserve the original name as they fear the budget cuts that would no doubt hit hard if the name were changed to more accurately reflect the reality.


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