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Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 2

This season is going to be MEGA good.

By DogPaw GamesPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

On the 10th March, We said "Goodbye" to the Ageless and "Hello" to a new age! "Adios" to the past and "Hola" to the new. As usual, i provide my thoughts and feelings on this season's newest additions, including the Battlepass, map and weapons. Let's begin...

Initial Thoughts

When i first saw the trailer for the new season, i instantly got Chapter 1 Season X vibes. The city, futuristic aesthetics and the robotic dystopian feel. We all know that Season X was a bit of a mess, especially with the unforgiving Mechs...oh god, Vietnam flashback! But this! This is what Season X should've been. With it's Cyberpunk meets Ninja dojo, we are not short of spectacular things...this is what i initially thought, now that I've spent the weekend playing the game, my feelings have somewhat changed.


Now, for once i am actually very happy with this season's Battlepass. Usually i do have some gripe with either emotes, skins or theme but this time, i'm really happy. The skins are fresh, there's no redesign, no recycled outfits and lots of variety. Here is the list of skins

  • Renzo The Destroyer: Ghost Rider's heavy metal cousin
  • Imani: A cartoon wonderland
  • Thunder: The best sushi chef around
  • Mystica: I honestly don't know what this is
  • Stray: Adrift's lost little brother
  • Highwire: Cyberpunk Easter bunny
  • River Empress Mizuki: Mortal Kombat reject

Even though i said "No recycled outfits" Stray's skin is more badass and gives more of a fresher feel, so in my book, it's brand new.

All these skins come with multiple different alternatives, so you can build up your locker even more and vibe out with different colours and styles.

This season's battlpass also provides fresh new emotes that DONT require skins in order to be used and also more wraps and lobby music. But my favourite thing is that they have introduced more contrails. The one thing they have been lacking is this is and i am happy to see more variety.

Also, later on in the season we will also have a Eren Yeager skin, just like with Geralt in the previous season, we can see another collaboration, this season's will be with Attack on Titan.

My overall rating: 10/10

Map Changes

As usual, new season means new POI's. For this season we also have a new biome. This biome consists of Japanese dojos and a brand new Cyberpunk themed city. All new POIs can be found on the bottom right hand side of the map. The other ones haven't much an update but that's ok, i didn't like them anyway. The new POIs are:

  • Steamy Springs
  • Mega City
  • Knotty Nets
  • Kenjutsu Crossing

Not only have we got brand new areas to explore, but also an old one has reappeared, thanks to the rift in the sky. The Loot Lake House from Chapter 1 has made a return and can be seen appearing all over the map. This floating POI can be accessed thanks to zip lines that dangle from below. The house comes with a flag that can be captured and in return you will get a new mythic weapon. The new biome is beautiful and delicately designed, bringing Japanese culture to the game.

Overall Rating 10/10


Now, this is where my feelings had changed. Fortnite has decided to get rid of it's best weapons and in return provided us with the Wish versions of those guns. Now, i know that you have to get used to each gun, but for me they are feel inconsistent. I will never forgive Epic for bringing back the SCAR and turning it into a feather duster.

New Weapons

  • Havoc Pump Shotgun
  • Havoc Suppressed AR
  • Kinetic Blade
  • Overclocked Pulse Rifle (Mythic)

The new weapons are good don't get me wrong, but i just don't love them. The new pump does damage but only if the muzzle is actually in the opponent's mouth. The Suppressed AR not only suppresses the sound of the bullets but also my hopes and dreams of a Battle Royale. The Kinetic Blade is even more annoying than the Shockwave Hammer (Didn't think that was possible) And the Overclocked Pulse Rifle is the new mythic and carries lots of hip fire damage but requires pinpoint accuracy in order to be rewarding.

Here is the list of the Vaulted weapons

  • Assault Rifle
  • Burst AR
  • DMR
  • Machine SMG
  • Thunder Shotgun
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Ex-Calibur Rifle
  • Bows
  • Shockwave Hammer

Because the Machine SMG is Vaulted, that means that the Twin Mag SMG is the only SMG in the game.

I should point out that some of these guns are still available in Team Rumble, but what's the point in that?


  • Cobra DMR
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle
  • Combat Shotgun
  • The OG Tactical SMG (Only in Team Rumble) due to the lack of power, i can see myself getting bored with these weapons quite quickly, of course they will unvault more as the season goes on, but give us the good weapons now!

Overall Rating: 5/10


Of course, there are little things that make a difference to the gameplay.

We can now see Muzzle flashes from snipers so it's easier to pinpoint them in overcrowded areas and from a long way away.

Dirt bikes and motor boats have been vaulted in the main playlists and new motorbikes and cars have been introduced. These are harder to control and don't do well off road but the speed incredible.

Rail Grinding has also been introduced. Although only seen in Mega City and in the surrounding areas, Rail Grinding in a fast way to travel around. It allows players to heal, fire and emote while being ridden.

For the first time in 6 years Supply Drops have been VAULTED! Now only seen in Team Rumble, the ever sought after Supply Drop has said "Goodbye" to us for an unknown period of time. We don't know if these will ever return. In their place, we now have Supply Caches which work in the same way but are a lot smaller and harder to find.

My overall rating

Although I am largely impressed with the overall season, there are a few little things that stop this season from getting a full score. So, i am going to rate this season:


Until next time...stay vibin' and survin'

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