Everyone's Freaking out over UEFA Euro 2016, and I'm Just Playing 'Rocket League'

by Tara Foulkrod 2 years ago in feature

Apparently Portugal just became the champions of UEFA Euro 2016.

Everyone's Freaking out over UEFA Euro 2016, and I'm Just Playing 'Rocket League'

Apparently Portugal just became the champions of UEFA Euro 2016. At least that's what Twitter is telling me. I don't follow any sports, especially soccer, which is funny since that's what one of my favorite games at the moment is all about. Well, soccer and rocket powered cars.

If you haven't heard of Rocket League yet, then you're in for a treat. This game features cars that kick around a soccer ball using rocket power to go fast and do aerial shots.

"That's not really my style," I hear you say. I know because I said the same thing. I don't mind playing soccer once in awhile, but I find it totally boring to watch. Finally I was convinced to download it and try it out for myself, and the results were glorious. I immediately became hooked to the game.

The controls are very fluid and easy to understand whether you're playing with a controller or your mouse and keyboard. The tutorial section is succinct and teaches you the basics of what you need to know before your first match, without seeming drawn out and boring you to death. The music gets you pumped up whether you're shooting the ball, flying through the air, or demolishing other cars. Furthermore, the matches are so fast that you can sit and play a game on your lunch break, in between matches of other games, or while your kids are taking a nap.

Playing with other people is the best part, which gets way more interesting with cross play. Currently, Playstation Network and PC users can play matches together, but there are plans for XBox Live players to get into the mix as well. If you queue with people on your friends list, you can even customize matches by changing gravity or the size of the ball, or you can try your luck in maps that haven't become full-fledged arenas yet called Rocket Labs.

Personally, I enjoy this game way more than I do playing actual soccer, and infinitely more than I like watching a soccer game. What other time would I possibly be able to fly a car through the air, demolish some of my friends, and hit a ball 83 mph into a net, all in the span of about five minutes?

If you're tired of soccer, there are two other modes as well. "Hoops" is a basketball mode, and "Snow Day" is a hockey mode. In both modes the environment and the ball physics change for the sport.

They've even jumped into eSports, with the Rocket League Championship Series Finals taking place August 6-7 in Los Angeles, CA. The $55,000 prize pool will be won through double elimination of 4 North American teams and 4 European teams.

If you haven't picked up Rocket League yet, now's a perfect time since they just came out with their Collectors Edition that has all the DLC included. Check out the trailer below, and decide if this is a game you might enjoy. If so, I hope to see you in game!

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