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'Dragon Ball Fighter Z': Ranking Every Character From Worst to Best

by Michael Reynoso 5 years ago in combat
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Ranking the Worst and Best Fighters of 'Dragon Ball Fighter Z'!

Image Credit: @PI4yerscom

Welcome Dragon Ball Fighter Z fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael!

Today, we are going to rank every character from worst to best in Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

From Saiyans to Androids, and evil villains, Dragon Ball's cast of unique characters are more entertaining to play with than any other fighting game. The realistic imagery and attention to detail allowed this game to stand out from the rest. Also, the breathtaking animation finishing moves are what drives Dragon Ball fans to be fully immersed in the game and the excitement that comes along with it.

That said, what are the worst and best fighters in the game?

Truth be told, these skilled fighters are so good that I have to choose my top 10, in terms of overall performance.

Now, I am going to up a list of top 10 fighters as part of the ranking.

Let's hope that your favorite fighter reached number #1 and which fighter is at the bottom of the list.

So, without any further ado, here is the ranking of every character from worst to best:

I know that this has to be a shock for Goku fans to be at number 10 as the worst. I would not say that Goku is the worst overall. It is just that his attacks are not sharp enough, but he can counter you with his "instant-transmission" technique and unleash his "Kamehameha" blast with a direct hit. If you gamers online have come across with matches that have Goku in it, there may be a good chance that he shows up and gives you a run for your money.

Goku is not only devastating but is easy to use once you know his basic moves and defense by blocking. To top it all off, Goku's "Flash Fist" alone can combo into a huge Kamehameha to connect his target successfully, so he cannot always rely on excessive combos. Combined with a double damage output, along with powerful counterattacks, Goku earned his position in the top 10 and then some.

Universe 7's God of Destruction Beerus can immense a great amount of pressure on his opponents and force them into a corner so they would not escape and have no choice, but to feel his overwhelming power. This sounds unbeatable, but there is a weakness in Beerus' attacks and by finding his weak spot, you have to block every attack, especially his favorite attack, which is the "Catalytic Orb."

Once you deflect Beerus' orbs right away, you can see an opening and strike him before he attacks you. This leaves Beerus vulnerable to a point where you can counter with a massive combo or finishing move for a destructive finish. To add more damage, you can allow your teammates to unleash their finishing moves and together, can create an epic explosion.

Beerus is one of the trickiest fighters to master and if you persevere, it will pay off.

Never wants to play by the rules, Android 17 and Android 18 not only have each other to rely on in the game and thanks to Dr. Gero's work, the twins have the unlimited stamina at their disposal, which means chaos. Having to unleash their devastating ki blasts and #18's ability to user her barrier, both androids are able to deny opponent's attacks instantly and counter with an attack of their own.

Likewise, #17 enables some insane combos that will leave even the mightiest warriors to catch their breath. To top it all off, #18 is the only contender that is able to use "Dragon Rush" without expanding any of her attacks.

So beware of the androids and make sure to come out alive!

Unlike the androids, the evil Kid Buu has the endless stamina and can destroy you at any time. In fact, Buu has no problem engaging in battle to test your limits and annihilate you if you let your guard down. Regardless of his speed or any of his special attacks, nowhere and no one is safe from his incoming presence. If I were you gamers, I would start to work on my defense and if there is no shot of perfection, Kid Buu would not mind delivering a destructive finish and even destroy the planet for his pleasure.

Just like Kid Buu, Cell is a threat regardless of his position. If he wants you dead, he will make it happen. At the other end of the arena and assuming that he has enough ki, Dr. Gero's perfect creation can initiate a grab and follow by a limb shot combo. If that does not seal him a win, Cell can diminish your attack with your "health bar." If you manage to pin him in a corner, he can escape by using teleport and turning the tables to make sure you will not survive.

In the game, Freeza has the best objective fighting skills in the business and he is certainly up there. Also, Freeza can unleash his devastating finishing move "Earth breaker," and he has a damaging teleport, which can counter any attack to finish you once and for all. You guys thought that would be enough for the self-proclaimed "destroyer of worlds," then think again. If Freeza transforms into his "Golden" form, it will not only make every single one of his existing abilities more damaging but unlock more of his power.

If you cannot stop Freeza's incoming onslaught, you are probably dead!


Gohan is one of the most gifted and skilled fighters in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Whenever showcase his skills, he can boost up his power and unleash an array of combos that can overwhelm you. Gohan is known for fighting his opponents head-on, a brawl type of fight you will expect from the son of the greatest fighter who ever lived, which is Goku. Through the simple act of converting his ki to release more power, Gohan's strength and speed will rise instantly and control the pace of the fight.

Gohan also possess the ability to wore down opponents and by breaking his shell to become the ultimate warrior, it makes it hard for fighters to contain him and not defeat him easily.

What a treat for Goku fans!!

Not only is Goku a top 10 fighter in this ranking, but he is also top 3, which does not come as a surprise, in terms of Goku's ability to ascend to greater heights and strive to become the best. Unlike Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue form, Goku's version of Blue is more than a regular power upgrade. The reason why Goku became a top 3 fighter on this list is that of his ability to use his "Kaioken" technique and add it to his Super Saiyan Blue transformation to give him more leverage and sustain his stamina during his fights.

The ability to have the Blue transformation and use the Kaioken technique at the same time gives Goku the advantage over any fighter in the game, which he can use at his disposal, along with his "instant-transmission" technique. Just like Cell, Goku can utilize his teleport move to escape in tough situations. With the ability to use the "Command + grab," Goku can finish off his opponent with a destructive finish by using his Kaioken x10 Kamehameha blast.

Above all the fighter in this game, Hit can go toe-to-toe with anybody and use his "time skip" to end you in seconds. Now mastering his moves will take time and dedication and once you get the hang of it, nobody can stop you. Hit's attacks are very sharp and crisp whenever he counters or use his supersonic speed to know where your weakness is. Also, he can counter with his hard-hitting combos in a flash. Hit's fighting skills are far beyond the fighters on the roster because he can use his awareness in an instant.

What's more deadly is that Hit can "KO" your entire team by himself. However, with slow speed, his limitations can be vulnerable for opponents to counter, just ask Goku, who defeated him at the "Beerus & Champa's Tournament" when Universe 7 beat Universe 6 in "Dragon Ball Super."

To top the list as the best overall fighter is none other than the sadistic, villain Goku Black.

The reason why Goku Black tops the list is that his various attacks and finishing moves that set him apart from the rest of the fighters. Even though he is a villain at heart, Black has a lot of skill because a lot of gamers love to use him in their team. Sadly, gamers will be at the receiving end of Goku Black and his companion, Zamasu. Now Black's moves are the most well-rounded in all of Dragon Ball.

To go along with his cool appearance, the Zamasu controlled body of Goku has access to "instant-transmission," a slick "Kamehameha" blast, and a deadly slice attack that will send you to the afterlife.

Try and counter Goku Black's attacks if you can stay alive!

My advice is to try and master every character so you will know your opponent's weakness and counter with a destructive finishing move in a timely manner. Also, improve your defense so you can sustain the fight longer and have the advantage over your opponent. Lastly, go all out and have fun!

Meet new players around the world and become the greatest team ever!

This concludes Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Until next time ^_^


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