'Dead By Daylight'

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Get hooked.

'Dead By Daylight'

On the 14th of June 2016 Behaviour released a new game called Dead by Daylight. This game was one of the first of its kind. The game is an asymmetrical multi player horror game in which one killer tries to kill four survivors in order to feed the god (or goddess) of the realm known as the Entity.

Dead by Daylight is an indie game that took its creators by surprise and was a far bigger hit with gamers than they had ever anticipated which had obvious pros and unexpected cons.

When the game was first released it had only one killer known as the Trapper and four survivors. Just over one year later the base game itself now has six survivors and five killers but with the addition of the DLC's released since the game came out there is has been a further three killers that can be played and another four survivors to choose from.

Each character has its own story line and with that, it's own perks that work with the character's story. The perks can help you within the game or in some cases they can prove to be more of a hindrance.

Each killer has its own map that is linked to the killer through their background but they are not restricted to only those maps.

The game play is fairly simple. For the survivors, they have to work on five generators and get them working, open the exit gates and manage to escape the match. This easy task though is a little harder when you throw in a killer that can not be harmed and is wanting to kill you and your friends by throwing you on hooks or using their individual mori/kill.

I first discovered the game when a friend of mine introduced me to it. I have to admit I am not a fan of horror games. I have never been. I am overall a fantasy game player but something about Dead by Daylight had me intrigued from the off. I spent over two months watching different streamers playing the game before I finally decided to purchase the game and take the plunge into the world of horror.

I can still remember my first few games in which I could feel the adrenaline pumping, my heart racing when I jumped when the killer caught me by surprise. I would even feel my hands turn cold as the natural instinct to take flight kicked in. The game had me hooked and continues to actually have a little corner in my gamer heart that it is securely locked into.

The game can bring the best in people where survivors help each over at the risk of their own life or the worst where survival of the fittest kicks in and players choose to keep themselves alive at the cost of their team.

Onto the cons of the game. The game is frequently buggy in my experience and often the devs seem to be slow to work on bugs that can affect the gamers experience and game play. For example, an issue for survivors is if a killer disconnects from the game they can often lose a pip which they have to gain to rise up within the ranks. Or now if a player chooses to disconnect from the game the killer can lose a pip, though that is a more recent bug that has come up.

You can play this game with friends under the option Survive with Friends or you can play together and take turns killing each other in Kill Your Friends, though this mode will not contribute towards your rank and any blood points gained (the currency of the game) is not kept.

I do highly recommend playing this game. Have a laugh with friends and enjoy the jump scares. Get hooked and please the Entity.

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