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Clausura 2024: Liga MX Unleashes Thrilling Showdowns as Atleti Tops Pumas and Necaxa Stuns Puebla

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By monaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

After an excellent 3-1 victory over UNAM Pumas, Atlético de San Luis has unexpectedly risen to the top of the Liga MX table. After the victory and Necaxa's victory the same evening, Atleti had six points, one goal more than Necaxa on goal differential.

The Domination of Atleti Over Pumas

Atleti made their intentions clear from the start as they broke the tie in the ninth minute with an outstanding passing play. Ricardo Chávez received a pinpoint lead pass from Vitinho, and he perfectly crossed the ball to Leo Bonatini for a chested finish. Atleti took the lead, and the Estadio Alfonso Lastras burst into excitement.

Atleti held off Pumas's relentless onslaught to increase their lead in the second half. A swift counterattack by Sébastien Salles-Lemonge set up Vitinho, who calmly feed Salles-Lemonge for a clinical finish. Ulises Rivas' goal to cut the lead in the 70th minute gave the Pumas a fight back and increased the tempo of the game.

However, an 83rd-minute counterattack by Atleti dashed any dreams of a Pumas comeback. Atleti's triumph was sealed at 3-1 when Benjamín Galdames tapped home after being fed by Juan Manuel Sanabria. Pumas tried their hardest, but Atleti's well-thought-out strategy won out, as they took the lead in the standings.

Necaxa's Willpower in the Face of Puebla

In a fascinating match, Necaxa overcame Puebla 2-1 thanks to tenacity and determination at Estadio Cuauhtémoc. Puebla had a 59% possession rate, but Necaxa took advantage of defensive mistakes to steal all three points.

Puebla appeared to be in charge after Lucas Cavallini's penalty kick gave them the lead in the 59th minute. Necaxa, though, had other ideas. Edgar Méndez and Diber Cambindo scored headers in the 79th and 83rd minutes, respectively, to take advantage of Puebla's defensive errors and complete an incredible comeback.

Necaxa held strong and completed their second straight comeback victory in the new Liga MX season, despite Puebla's attempts to retake the lead. "Los Rayos"' tenacity establishes them as contenders and suggests that their difficulties from the previous season may be behind them.

Unexpected leads show up as the Clausura 2024 progresses, creating exciting fixtures and laying the groundwork for an exciting Liga MX season. Fans can't wait for the turns and turns that lie ahead thanks to Atleti's outstanding performance and Necaxa's impressive comeback.

Clausura 2024 Is Defined by Exciting Showdowns: Liga MX Action Reveals Unexpected Leaders

Football fans are riveted by the surprising turns and exciting matchups that have made the Clausura 2024 in Liga MX thus far. Atlético de San Luis has been one of the most impressive players, surprising UNAM Pumas with a convincing 3-1 victory and emerging as an unusual leader. Necaxa, meanwhile, defeated Puebla 2-1 in a thrilling victory that demonstrated their tenacity and ability to bounce back.

The Domination of Atleti Over Pumas

Atletico de San Luis defeated UNAM Pumas in a match that saw Atleti dominate from the start. Leo Bonatini's chested finish after a deft passing move set the tone for Atleti's 3-1 victory. Cheers echoed through Estadio Alfonso Lastras as Atleti's tactical play developed.

In the second half, Vitinho precisely assisted Sébastien Salles-Lemonge in executing a lightning-fast counterattack. With a tidy finish, Salles-Lemonge gave Atleti a 2-0 lead. Ulises Rivas' goal in the 70th minute cut the lead in half, despite Pumas' valiant efforts. But Atleti's counterattack in the 83rd minute, which saw Benjamín Galdames slot home with ease, clinched the deal and put Atleti at the top of the league.

Necaxa's Willpower in the Face of Puebla

The battle between Necaxa and Puebla was a story of tenacity and cunning maneuvers. Necaxa pulled off an incredible comeback by taking advantage of defensive errors in spite of Puebla's superiority in possession. Puebla took the lead in the 59th minute thanks to a penalty kick from Lucas Cavallini, but Necaxa had other ideas.

Edgar Méndez and Diber Cambindo turned the tide in favor of Necaxa in the 79th and 83rd minutes by taking advantage of holes in Puebla's defense. In the early going of the Clausura 2024, Necaxa secured a second consecutive comeback victory despite Puebla's attempts to regain control.

Liga MX Releases Energy

The surprise ascent of Atlético de San Luis and the tenacity of Necaxa add levels of intrigue to Liga MX as its Clausura 2024 season plays out. Football fans can look forward to an exciting season filled with thrilling matchups and unpredictable results.

Liga MX is a football spectacle, and its dynamic nature—traditional powerhouses facing challenges and underdogs taking center stage—underlines this. The latest installment in the unfolding story of Clausura 2024 is highly anticipated by fans, who expect unpredictable matches every time. The stage is set for more surprises, memorable moments, and the crowning of a worthy Mexican football champion as the competition goes on.


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