Cattails 100 Percent Achievement Guide

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Cattails 100 Percent Achievement Guide

There are 43 achievements on Cattails on Steam. Here is an organized collection of what those achievments are, and how to get them. The achievements are in order from easiest to hardest, even the ones that aren't under a title with a mentioned difficulty level.

Have fun achievement hunting!


  • Really Easy Achievements
  • Achievements for Joining a New Colony
  • Easy Achievements
  • Festival Achievements
  • Medium Achievements
  • Achievements for Catching Prey
  • Hard Achievements
  • Annoyingly Hard Achievements
  • Hidden Achievements

The Achievments in the Really Easy Section:

  • Beginner Gatherer
  • Love is in the Air
  • Cold Hearted

Beginner Gatherer

Collect 50 herbs and berries–50 might seem like a big number, but it goes by very quickly. It's also a great way to start getting points at the beginning of the game.

Love is in the Air

Begin Dating a Cat–All you need to do is get chatty with a cat, and bring them gifts. It really helps to know what gifts they like. Once you have five stars with the cat you fancy, all you have to do is get the red rose from the temple at the center of the map, and then give the rose to them.


  • Usually you can find clues for what cats like for presents by clicking on their den.
  • Make sure you have a full five star relationship with the cat before giving them the rose... or else you will get rejected.
  • If you get rejected, you can try again later when you have a stronger relationship.

Cold Hearted

Purchase a Black Rose–You have to wait until you have played long enough for the black rose to appear in the shop, but once it has this achievement is VERY easy. All you have to do is buy the Black Rose! You don't need to actually break up with anyone. You can even sell it right back after.

The Achievments in the Colony Section:

  • Welcome to the Forest Colony
  • Welcome to the Mountain Domain
  • Welcome to the Mystic Colony

Welcome to the Forest Colony

Join the Forest ColonyChances are that you already did this one just after you played through the tutorial. If you haven't already, you have two options.

  1. Make another account. Play through the tutorial again, and pick the Forest Colony. (Yes, you have to play the tutorial. I tried to get past that and couldn't).
  2. Reach a high enough level with the Forest Colony, and ask to move in.

Welcome to the Mountain Domain

Join the Mountain Domain–just like the Forest Colony Achievement. You have two options.

  1. Make another account. Play through the tutorial again, and pick the Mountain Domain this time.
  2. Reach a high enough level with the Forest Colony, and ask to move in.

Welcome to the Mystic Colony

Join the Mystic Colony–Can be done in two ways: make a new account, and play through the tutorial again, or give gifts to the Mystic Colony until you can ask to join.

The Achievments in the Easy Section:

  • Resident of the Wild
  • Citizen of the Wild
  • Seeker of Ancient Treasure
  • Classy Cat

  • Mole Friend

Novice of the Wild

Complete one full year–Chances are that this will just happen as you are playing through the game. All you have to do is play until you hit year two. There are ten days for every season, making it a total of 40 game days.

Tip: To help time go by faster, you can bring your cat to its den to sleep for the night.

Resident of the Wild

Complete two full years–Just the same as 'Novice of the Wild,' and just as easy. You only have to complete one more year.

Citizen of the Wild

Complete three full years–Keep going, just one more year.

Seeker of Ancient Treasure

Find five Power Paws–If you don't know yet, Power Paws are paw shaped gems that slightly increase your speed, and give you slightly more health points. There are 20 throughout the game. Some of the more easy ones to get are the ones hidden in paw-marked tree stumps and rocks. Just claw at them, and that Power Paw is yours.

Five Easy Power Paws:

  • Walking through the hallow tree stump called the 'Fallen Giant'.
  • Scratch the paw-marked tree stumps (There is one in the 'Wetland Outskirts').
  • Scratch the paw marked rocks. (There is one in 'Highland East').
  • Walk around the huge tree called 'The Weepingroot'. (Make a full circle as you walk around it).
  • Buy one for nine festival tokens at the next event day. (Coco sells one for each season).

Classy Cat

Have 1,000 Mews on hand.

Mole Friend

Have 2,000 Mole Cash on hand.

The Achievments in the Festival Section:

  • Pumpkin Prizewinner
  • Turtle Whisperer
  • Flower Fanatic
  • Winter Wizard

Turtle Whisperer

Win a turtle race.

Flower Fanatic

Complete a perfect round of flower frenzy.

Pumpkin Prizewinner

Carve at least ten pumpkins at a pumpkin carving competition.

Winter Wizard

Win a snowball fight without taking any damage.

The Achievments in the Medium Section:

  • Native of the Wild
  • Beginner Fighter

  • Expert Fighter

  • Making it Official

  • Canyon Miner

  • Prairie Miner

  • Expert Gatherer

Native of the Wild

Complete five full years–This one I found myself putting my cat to bed in its den a lot. However, if you keep trying to get the other achievements this one will happen eventually.

Tip: You don't actually need to wait. You can just keeping putting your cat in its bed to continuously sleep time away. It just won't give any experience past the first one.

Beginner Fighter

Win ten daily battles–At first I was going to put this in the easy section, but then I realized you need to level your cat a bit before you can do this. Anyway, turn ten cats into ghosts by clawing at them, and this achievement's is yours.

Expert Fighter

Win 50 daily battles–Just the same as the last one, but a bit more patience is required.

Making it Official

Get Married to a Cat.

Canyon Miner

Reach level 100 of the Canyon Mine.


  • Pack Snacks and Healing Herbs
  • Don't forget about the fast travel holes to lv 25, lv 50 and lv 75.
  • Time slows down in the mines, so don't worry about missing anything.

Prairie Miner

Reach level 100 of the Prairie Mine–This one is just the same as the one just before it, but at a different Mine Location. Keep in mind that mole shop will have a completely different collection of items.

Archaeologist of Ancient Treasure

Find ten Power Paws–Just five more for this achievement from the last PowerPaw achievement. For this achievement, I would recommend getting the Power Paws from the four totems. There is a link below with a very easy to follow, and detailed explanation on how to get the Power Paws from the Totems.

Expert Gatherer

Collect 250 herbs and berries.

The Achievments for Catching Prey:

  • Beginner Hunter
  • Expert Hunter
  • Dragonfly Discoverer
  • Cerulean Champion
  • Crimson Conqueror
  • Lucky Ladybug
  • Beautiful Butterfly
  • Funny Looking Fish
  • Freaky Firefly

Beginner Hunter

Catch 100 prey.

Expert Hunter

Catch 500 prey.

Dragonfly Discoverer

Catch a Northern Emerald.

Lucky Ladybug

Catch a Blue Ladybug–Don't worry, they are easy to spot with their bright blue colour.


  • You can only catch them in Spring from 12 AM to 7 PM
  • You can use the Bug Bait skill to help.

Beautiful Butterfly

Catch a Lunar Butterfly–If this one ever shows up on your screen, you will notice it. They are hard to miss. The butterfly glows a bright blue, as if it's luminescent.


  • You can only catch them in Summer from 12 AM to 7 PM
  • The Bug Bait skill can help

Funny Looking Fish

Cat a Catfish.

Freaky Firefly

Catch a Black Firefly–For more information on how to catch the Black Firefly, please scroll down to find it again under 'Annoyingly Hard Achievments'.

The Achievments in the Hard Section:

  • Home Improvement
  • New Parents
  • Collector of Ancient Treasure
  • Diplomat
  • Restorer of Balance

Home Improvement

Fully upgrade your den.

New Parents

Have a litter of kittens.

Quality Time

Reach level 10 with one of your kittens–Mining is the fastest way to do this, but there are all kinds of activities you can do with you kittens.

When your kitten is awake, go up to the one you want to bond with, and ask him/her to follow you.

Collector of Ancient Treasure

Get all 20 PowerPaws–Some of the PowerPaws are very easy to get, others require, long story short, if you see a paw somewhere on the map, there is a power paw around. You can either scratch at the paw, and it will be inside the object; you have to try and figure out its puzzle.

I have added a link just below with a very easy to follow explanation on how to get all 20 of the Power Paws.


Attain 100 percent reputation with all three major colonies.

Restorer of Balance

Complete the Main Story.

Cerulean Champion

Catch a Bluejay.

Crimson Conqueror

Catch a Cardinal.

The Achievments in the Annoyingly Hard Section:

  • Expert of the Wild
  • Freaky Firefly
  • World Domination

Expert of the Wild–Complete Ten full years

This one was surprisingly harder than I thought it would. Since you have to complete ten FULL years, you actually have to year 11.

Freaky Firefly

Catch a Black Firefly.


  • They are easier to see before it gets too dark.
  • They are found more often near swamps.
  • You can only find one in the summer.
  • You can only find one between 7pm - 12am.
  • The Bug Bait skill might help

World Domination

Claim every possible map area for your colony–One of the more frustrating ones, but it is a lot easier if you are a higher level, and if you use lavender.

Getting those last two achievements ...

If you are anything like me then your last two achievements will be FreakyFirefly, and Expert of the Wild. So here are some more tips if you are getting a little frustrated... just like I was.

Freaky Firefly

This one seems to require patience and determination.

Luckily there is a skill than can help! Unlock, and fully upgrade the Bug Bait skill.

Once you activate the Bug Bait skill, don't just stand around, walk around the map piece to try and see any firefly that looks noticeably different from the rest.

However, I used that skill several times with no success, until one day I found it without even looking for it... it just simply showed up, while I was down at the beach collecting seashells.

Expert of the Wild

  • Focus on getting to the festivals. (Who knows, there might me a new item per season eventually. Hint hint...)
  • Sleep day and Night.
  • You don't have to continuously put your cat to bed in one sitting. I spread it out over the time of three days.
  • If the achievement doesn't pop on year 11, just wait a few more days. I don't why, but it can be a bit delayed sometimes.

Proceed with Caution... If you don't want parts of the game to be ruined for you then maybe you shouldn't read the rest of this article just yet. If you want to come back later to learn about the Hidden Achievments, that's okay too.

Hidden Achievements

The Achievments in the Hidden Section:

  • Curious Cat
  • Island Miner

Curious Cat

Use catnip.

Island Miner

Reach level 100 of the Island Mine.

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