How to Get All 20 Power Paws

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How to Get All 20 Power Paws

There are four ways to get the tokens: at the festivals, throughout the lands, down In the mines and from the totems.

All 20:

  • Nine paws throughout the lands
  • Four from the festivals
  • Three from the mines
  • Four from the totems

The Locations of the Nine Land Power Paws and the Four Totems

Just knowing the locations alone isn't all the information, some Power Paws require a small task to be completed first.

Throughout the Lands

Each square on the map has a name. If you move your cursor over a piece on the map, then the name will show up. The following are two lists which contain all of the map pieces with a hidden PowerPaw in them, and how to get them.

Marked Rocks and Stumps

  • Wetland Outskirts (attack the marked stump).
  • Highland East (attack the marked rock).
  • River Bend (Stump)
  • Wetland Outskirts (Stump)
  • Beach East (Rock)
  • Central Bend (Rock)

Action Triggered Power Paws

  • Sacred Temple
  • The Weepingroot
  • Fallen Giant
  • Walking Trail

Sacred Temple

Walk over all four prints, the Power Paw will appear near the bottom of the screen

The Weepingroot

Circle the tree. The Power Paw will appear just in front of the tree.

Fallen Giant

Walk through trunk. The Power Paw will appear just in front of you.

The Walking Trail

Go to the paw. Then walk the entire path in a big circle, don't stray off the path.

The walking trail is probably the most frustrating one. Not because circling the trail is hard, but because the Power Paw shows up near the bottom of map, which leaves you continuing to walk on the path in confusion.

From the Totems

There are four totems, all with one Power Paw each. The totems only light up for their specific season. If you get one of the questions wrong then the totem's light will turn off, and will no longer be responsive. Don't worry, you can come back tomorrow to try again.

  • Spring: Canyon Cliffs
  • Summer: Canyon Ruins
  • Fall: Swamp Border West
  • Winter: Prairie Border North

The Questions

The longer you play the game, the easier the questions will be to answer, however if you want those Power Paws now, then just click the link below for all the questions and answers.

At the Festivals

The Power Paw is bought from Coco at the temple on the tenth day of every season. There is only one per designated season, so you have to wait until the right season for it to be available in the shop.

  • Summer: Turtle Racing
  • Fall: Pumpkin Carving
  • Winter: Snowball Fight
  • Spring: Flower Step
There are four Power Paws to be collected from the festivals, one from each season. There are eight festival tokens each.

Down in the Mines

  • Canyon Mine at Level 50
  • Prairie Mine at Level 50
  • Island Mine at Level 50
(You need level ten swimming to reach the Island Mine).

What do Power Paws do?

Not much to be honest... it does make your character a little faster, and it gives you a slightly bigger health bar.

The important thing is that if you collect all 20 then you get an achievement!

“You found a Power Paw! You are filled with vigor by the ancient token. Your maximum health has increased!”

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