Best RPG Games for PS4

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If you love brave tales of knights, or really slick story lights, the best RPG games for PS4 players are a perfect way to spend a night in.

Best RPG Games for PS4

RPGs, also known as role playing games, are one of the oldest video game genres in existence. In the past, RPGs were all about reading text, possibly doing some point-and-click goodness, and typically focused on being an adventurer in a medieval fairytale world — much like the typical scenes in King's Quest.

However, times have changed drastically. RPGs still have all the fun of allowing you to play a role you always wished you could. In 2017, though, RPGs often include awesome sword fights, great graphics and full immersion. Oh, and they're usually played on video game systems these days, too.

The PlayStation 4 has become famous for its amazing JRPGs and classic-style RPG games. So, if you want to dip your toes into the new breed of RPG, the best RPG games for PS4 consoles are the best way to unleash your inner gamer.

There are not many video games that have as many fanatical fans or have as much staying power, as Final Fantasy. The entire series has become synonymous with video game RPGs, and basically showed the importance of storyline and plot.

When you're playing a game from this smash hit video game franchise, you don't have to worry about quality. You already know it's going to be incredible. That's why it's sold over 1.1 million copies, why it has a line of video game customization accessories, and why it's one of the top-selling games in PS4 history.

Simply put, this game is one of the best RPG games for PS4 players of any walk of life...and let's be real, we couldn't have a list of great RPGs without this one in it.

The Witcher series has a lot of the same awesome fantasy elements as Final Fantasy, but involves a little more edge thanks to the assassination-centric plot and the fact that there's a slightly darker vibe to the entire series.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been called one of the best RPG games for PS4 users who love a "choose your own adventure" style of gaming. This game's plotline revolves around your choices, and the entire world can change based on what you do.

Gritty dialogue, a fully standalone plot, and beautiful graphics make this game a must-have for all audiences. The fact that it's as affordable as it is, though, is what makes us fall for it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition allows you to become the inquisitor, go on death-defying adventures, and discover untold secrets in the Dragon Age universe. A highly plot-rich RPG game, Dragon Age: Inquisition gives players memorable characters, awesome graphics, and a pretty great gameplay experience.

Complete control of your appearance and the ability to change the world around you makes Dragon Age: Inquisition a great pick. In fact, we're calling it one of the best RPG games for PS4 users with a flair for storyline and old school fantasy worlds.

Oh, Fallout. Bethesda's golden child definitely deserves all the applause it gets, particularly when it comes to something as awesome as the post-apocalyptic wasteland that they designed. Fallout 4 takes much of Bethesda's top quality RPG storyline, and adds to it on a whole new level.

In this saga's newest addition, you get to play the sole survivor of Vault 111, around 200 years after the Great War. Many of the classic villains, including super mutants, raiders, deathclaws, and mirelurks are back — and it's up to you to survive in this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Bethesda's newest game (hopefully a series) is Prey, a sci-fi RPG that is currently being cited as one of the best RPG games for PS4 players who are sick of slaying dragons or playing longtime series.

Prey turns you into someone who mysteriously wakes up in a space station orbiting the Earth. As you slowly piece together what's happened, it becomes clear that the space station that you're on has been overrun by hostile alien races.

The fate of humanity could rest on your shoulders. Can you survive being prey?

If you're a fan of anime RPGs or JRPGs, then God Wars: Future Past is sure to please. This game is all about stepping into Japan as "the ancestors" saw it, and learning about the culture's great stories, storytellers, and figures.

Japanophiles and people who just want to really get into the anime world will love this game — if only for the rich world-building and the awesome graphics. Ergo, it's one of our choices for the best RPG games for PS4 users with a slightly otaku edge.

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