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Best CPU for gaming 2021

CPU For Gaming

By Chiranjit KumarPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Best CPU for gaming 2021

Best CPU for gaming 2021

There are indeed so many varieties of computer processors with so many features and uniqueness. All kinds of processors are actually designed to work in some special gadgets like desktop or laptop computers. Even gaming processors differ in shape and size. So, In this article, we are going to discuss the best CPU for gaming in 2021.

Usually, most of the leading and expensive gaming processors contain superior graphics cards. As a matter of fact, Gaming enthusiasts eagerly look for attractive, high-performance graphics cards for playing their favorite video games. The best CPU for gaming should really possess some crucial features which we are going to discuss in detail later on.

Additionally, multiple functions like streaming videos, content creation, productivity, or any other required task can be executed with the advantageous high-performing gaming CPUs.Full potential gaming CPUs, in fact, enable the user to experience a rich and satisfying gaming experience.

The most important feature of the best gaming CPU

Some truly important aspects determine the overall standard of a gaming CPU. Therefore, we need to have a basic understanding of some of those factors that influence gaming quality. These things are being mentioned in this article.


If you are searching for a  gaming CPU, you need to know about the graphics features of it. The latest and advanced graphics processors are to be given more priority. The display quality is dependent on it. For a clear display of the game, you surely need to have a high-performing graphics card.

Cooling and CPU

Cooling is also another major factor while choosing your favorite gaming CPU. Some gaming PCs, in fact, provide a low Intel processor. It is advisable not to select that type of processor. Most Ryzen 2000 and 3000-series processors and some older Ryzen models ship with coolers, and many of them can handle moderate overclocks.


We have to understand that the processor acts as the heart of the whole system. Thus, your gaming pc should contain a really speedy processor. It is, moreover, a  decisive component for an enhanced gaming experience. Our advice to you would be to consult an expert about that standard and details of it before buying a gaming computer.

Cases and Motherboard

Cases and motherboards are other major prerequisites of gaming CPUs.Thus, it is incumbent on you to ensure all these factors before buying the desired gaming CPU. It is wise to go for the best gaming pc and the latest motherboard for supporting the memory speed.

Control and Input

Last but not the list facets are control and input. Your decision may be based on choosing a  tethered or wireless input. Therefore, based on your preferences you can opt for the best gaming pc that you can connect to.

So here follows the list of the best CPU for gaming in 2021

1. Intel Core i5 11600k

The price in India is Rs. 24,750


Core - 6 Core

Threads - 12

Base Frequency - 3.9 GHz

Boost Frequency - 4.9 GHz

TDP - 125 W

Socket - LGA 1200

Architecture - Rocket Lake

Overclocking - Yes


Firstly, quite an affordable price.

Also, the gaming performance is really amazing.

Admirable execution of threaded applications.

In addition, precise single-threaded conducting.


First of all, the absence of bundled cooler is a primary drawback.

Secondly, relatively higher power cosumption.

2. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

The Price in India is Rs. 77,567


Cores - 16 Core

Threads -32 Thread

Base Frequency - 3.4 GHz

Boost Frequency - 4.9 GHz

TDP - 105 W

Socket - AM4


A truly world-class 16 Core/32 Threads.

The Overclocking option is also present.

Comparatively, the boost frequency is also there.

Great value for money as the Core strength is, actually greater.

In addition, power-efficient.


There is an urgent need for a proper cooling mechanism.

Second of all, no integrated graphics.

3. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

The Price in India is Rs. 64,250


Cores - 16

Threads -32

Base Frequency - 3.4 GHz

Boost Frequency - 4.9 GHz

TDP - 105 W

Socket - AM4

Architecture - Zen 3


Most importantly, the compatibility with PCIe 4.0 is beneficial.

Next comes the presence of an unlocked clock-speed muultiplier.

Also, attachability with 500 series motherboard.

Finally, commendable single-core and multi-core performance.


No bundled cooler.

Secondly, the price is actually higher in terms of gen on gen pricing.

Sadly, no Integrated Graphics.

4. AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

The Price in India is Rs. 21,618


Cores - 6

Threads - 12

Base Frequency - 3.8 GHz

Boost  Frequency - 4.8 GHz

TDP - 95 W

Socket - AM4

Architecture - Zen 2


 Excellent gaming and application functioning are positively noteworthy.

Additionally, PCLe 4.0 is a major advantage.

Bundled Cooler also.

Less power consumption, at the same time, is quite significant.

Finally, the unlocked multiplier enhances many opportunities like gaming, rendering, coding, etc.


Unusually limited manual and auto-overclocking headroom.

5. AMD Ryzen 3 3300X

The Price in India is Rs. 12,999


Cores - 4

Threads - 8

Base Frequency - 3.8

Boost Frequency - 4.3 GHz

TDP - 65 W

Socket - AM4

Architecture - Zen 2


The really low price is praiseworthy.

Moreover, great gaming experience.

Overclocking ceiling is also another laudable factor.

PCIe 4.0 interface must be mentioned.

Importantly, the power consumption is actually low.


The only trouble with this processor is the tedious bundled cooler.

6. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G

The Price in India is Rs. 14,209


Cores - 4

Threads - 8

Base Frequency - 3.7 GHz

Boost Frequency - 4.2 GHz

TDP - 65 W

Socket - AM4

Architecture - Zen+


Really cheap price.

Secondly, Radeon Vega Graphics surely to be mentioned.

Higher Frequency also.

Delightful gaming experience due to  1080p and solid 720p gaming.

Likewise, auto overclocking.

Similarly, the bundled cooler is also available.


Actually lower-performance applications.

Compared to previous-gen, small performance advantage as well.


If you are mainly interested in gaming, you cannot really fail to recall the Graphics Card. You need to remember one thing. No matter how powerful the processor you got, if the GPU is missing, there is not much for you to enhance the gaming provision.

Thus, you have got to make sure to have the right card for high-quality game playing. Our list of the best CPU for gaming has been practically prepared performance-wise.

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