'Battlefield 5'

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'Battlefield 5'

Like any other gamer, I look forward to playing a first-person shooter. Battlefield 1, Fallout 4, Metro, and even Overwatch are among my favorites. But like any hardcore gamer, I will find something wrong with the game. This is what I am here to promote.

Still Waging War in Europe


Like Call of Duty WWII, the game continues the fighting on the European continent.

I keep asking the question as to when the fighting in World War II Battlefield go take place from the Soviet, Chinese, or Japanese point of view?

The fact that Battlefield 5 has a German perspective in the campaign mode is nice. But I would have hoped that it would be during the battles in North Africa, the Eastern Front, or even making the attempt to repel the allied invasion of Normandy. Instead, the mission "The Last Tiger" takes place during the Rhineland Offensive (February to March 1945).

So why hasn't the Battlefield series have any missions that take place in the Pacific Theater, East/Southeast Asia, North Africa, or the Eastern Front?

There hasn't been any use of Soviet or Japanese forces since Battlefield 1942 and its expansion series. They also had the French and Italian forces fighting, but I did say the war is still in Europe. Never has there been the use of Chinese forces in any World War II-based games.

So why hasn't this happened yet?

No Zombie Mode

The Call of Duty series has been known for having a Zombie mode, but why has there never been one for the Battlefield series?

It would certainly make things more interesting. Imagine fighting against an opposing team during a multiplayer match, when suddenly your team is attacked by zombies? Both teams would have to fight the zombies and each other.

Another interesting twist would be a mission that anyone can join in on and fight wave after wave of zombies, where the only way you can survive is to gather parts for a machine that would wipe out the zombies and win the game.

I don't know if this would be a good or bad thing for the Battlefield series, but it would make a fine addition.

Diesel Punk Mode

This might sound out of the ordinary, but what about the use of Diesel Punk-based weapons?

I mean how often is it that Diesel Punk is used in popular culture? In the Zombie mode of Call of Duty, there is the use of the Tesla gun. So why not give Battlefield 5 a Diesel Punk option?

It would be rather interesting seeing German's use something like an armored walker against Allied tanks or even an American soldier using armored exo-suits against German emplacements—hell, why not have Soviet soldiers using Tesla cannons against the Nazis?

These are just thoughts, mind you.

No Behemoths to Back You Up

Remember in Battlefield 1 when a Behemoth would come to back you up? Like the Armored Train in "The Argonne Forest," the Dreadnought at "Fao Fortress," the Airship in "Ballroom Blitz," or even the tank behemoth in the They Shall Not Pass expansion? They were quite intimidating and hard to take down, but very enjoyable to play with.

Unfortunately, they were absent from the fifth installment of the series. Why did the developers cut out the Behemoths? Are they waiting to add it as an expansion of the Battlefield 5 game? Or are they planning on using the Behemoths in a future installment of the series?

No Elite Kits

I know many of you are familiar with the Sentry, Flame Trooper, Tank Hunter, Trench Raider, and infiltrator kits from Battlefield 1, but these were absent in the fifth game of the series.

Why weren't they present? Wouldn't it be very helpful to have a Tank Hunter kit while facing down a tiger tank? Or even an Infiltrator kit to summon an artillery strike to rain death onto a stubborn emplacement?

These are some questions that the people at Electronic Arts need to be asked in my opinion.

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