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Hey...Hey! I have something to show you!

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Here's a tutorial that you searched up on how to play [GAME] for free! No Joke! Actually Works! No viruses!

Step 1: What you want to do is open your browser and type in: [ILLEGAL WEBSITE>@DO NOT ENTER}] Once you get there, you should see a search bar on the bottom of the logo. Click the search bar and on your keyboard, type "[GAME]" and press enter.

STeP 2: Once you enter, ignore the thots on the side of your screen. Ignore the "Samantha is 1.4 miles away!" It's not important. You should see torrents and downloads. Listen carefuLlY, you need to select the right one at the right time. If not, you have to ppay for a second download...

STEP 3: Make sure you download the torrent that has ".6" at the end. If your computer warns you that this is a certified virus, DON'T MIND IT. TRUST ME. Ignore your computer's logical readings and just exit out of every pop-up you see.

step......4: Run the program. You may get a few pop-ups, but it's completely fine. Everything is okay. Let the program run for a few years, but if you are lucky, it would probably take an estimated amount of 10 total hours. On rare occasions, it might take less than 5 minutes. Once it is done doing its damag- I mean running on your computer and downloading more things you don't know about, (Don't worry. It's going to help your computer) Your game should automatically start.

Step 4..5: you actually fell for it...What you are doing is pirating. Piracy is an illegal crime.

[email protected]: What??? Did you think I wouldn't know? Did you think I wouldn't punish you?

Hold on one minute....this might take a minute...

Reporting activity......

Face recognition....

Now come with me...

Your game is starting!

Welcome to your game! Click STARt.



Hold on...something isn't right....

I am sorry. This is an illegal copy of [GAME]. Please report this software immediately. Piracy is a serious and federal crime.


You knew what you were doing. Weren't you?


*Hi everybody. Please purchase a real copy of whatever. Sorry if this wasn't what you were expecting or whatever, but I did my best! My next upload will be on Wednesday. I just wanted to make everybody else's Sundays better! (If you were having a bad one) And...Vocal, I promise, this is just creative writing, I do not condone stealing illegal copies of games/movies/etc. No hard feelings? :) Thank you everyone for reading!

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