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7 Best Streaming Services For Watching Tennis in 2023

Were you looking for the best tennis TV streaming sites ? Here is a complete guide with all the info on how to watch tennis streaming for free or for a fee.

By streaming advisePublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Were you looking for the best tennis TV streaming sites ? Here is a complete guide with all the info on how to watch tennis streaming for free or for a fee.

Sports are a particularly attractive form of entertainment, especially when viewed on a quality online platform. If you are reading this article, you are most likely looking for the best tennis streaming sites available in Italy and beyond.

We anticipate that the services that offer the viewing of sports content related to tennis are hardly dedicated only to this sport, these are part of a package usually full of other solutions, such as football or cycling.

Want to know where to see Sinner or Berrettini? In the next few lines we will take a look at the platforms that are dedicated to paid and free tennis streaming , as you can imagine the main difference is to be found in the quantity of sporting events broadcast.

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Sites to watch tennis streaming



ATP Tennis TV

Eurosport Player





WebSites to watch tennis streaming for free


How to stream tennis with a VPN

Sites to watch tennis streaming

Let’s start with the best-known online platforms, able to offer you most of the tennis events available on TV. Specifically, the most interesting are: DAZN , NOW , ATP Tennis TV , Eurosport Player , Discovery+ and SkyGo .


You’ve surely heard of DAZN , a streaming service that allows you to watch football matches and various sports on your Smart TV or smartphone and tablet. Not everyone knows that many tennis-related events are also available on DAZN, especially related to thematic channels.

Specifically, with this service you will be able to access the Eurosport channels on which the US Open , Roland Garros and Austrian Open are broadcast . As you can imagine, there are the most important tournaments in the world and many hours of entertainment for this sport.

To access DAZN services you need to register and subscribe, you can do this by connecting to the platform’s official website . The cost of the subscription depends on how many devices you wish to connect simultaneously. In case you need two recordable devices and only one live streaming, then you could subscribe to the Standard package for 29.99 euros per month . If, on the other hand, you want to register up to 6 devices and connect two of them simultaneously, you will need to subscribe to the Plus subscription , at a monthly cost of 39.99 euros .

Obviously, in addition to tennis, you can also benefit from events related to football, martial arts and sport in general.


The NOW platform is nothing more than a Sky subscription but with a completely digital service, which allows you to view content only in streaming.

To access the sections dedicated to tennis you must necessarily purchase the Sport package , usually at a cost of 14.99 euros , but almost always at a discount of 9.99 euros . On NOW you can watch international tennis matches, with ATP Masters 1000 , 500 , 250 and the Nitro ATP Finals . This is also linked to the famous Wimbledon tournament which you will hardly be able to find on other channels.

NOW also allows you to view the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels at maximum resolution in FullHD. We underline how NOW can be viewed without problems on Android smartphones and on the Amazon Fire Stick, while if you had a smart TV you would necessarily have to install the application on a Samsung , LG or Sony model ; other brands do not have the compatibility.

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