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You say goodbye, I will never see you in meditation

by Aaron 2 months ago in Humanity
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Time beating memories, bit by bit lingering.

Time beating memories, bit by bit lingering.

An accident, a trade. It makes me so excited. That day I was on duty the last one to leave the classroom, lock the door at that moment you suddenly appeared, you said Liu Xiaowei lend me 100 pieces. I didn't say anything, maybe I didn't know you were talking to me. You said it again, Liu Xiaowei, lend me 100 yuan, next week! I smiled and asked why me? You said I'd show you the way to the first day of school! I was very generous to lend you 100 yuan, a week's food expenses, but I do not regret, because you said I was the first person to give you the way, fortunately, you remember my name is Liu Xiaowei. I didn't expect you to pay me back. I didn't expect a deadline.

I didn't expect to bump into each other outside of school. That day was Sunday, hazy rain, upset a lot of people. As I passed the market, the cacophony of cries was accentuated by the heavy accents of the rain. Turned around but met a familiar figure, I know it is you, suddenly thought of a master said; The most beautiful is not the rainy day, but with you to escape the rain eaves. I also want to learn in the past as if nothing had happened said; Hey, what a coincidence you're here. Even before I had finished fantasy, you are around three thugs, across the distance, I can't hear what you're arguing, but saw a man raised his stick from behind you, through the air as if I use life in battle cry, have you ever turned a shoulder, break down a noisy market saw a fight scene where like a clock without battery - seconds to stop there, I can't make any noise didn't understand what's going on, You already had me running away. Ran ran I dew voice of smile out, you let go of my hand to ask me what smile? I said I some believe in fairy tales, you said do not believe in fairy tales, fairy tales are all lies. Heart suddenly good block, you are refusing to explain that I am not your Cinderella. Say goodbye and go home. I think I can only be your passer-by after all.

Fate is always spinning, give you disappointment and give you hope. Our class is a liberal arts class, and you are art students, learn music you sing no happy melody, always some sadness. But I can sing, and culture is inversely proportional to music. The teacher gave you this tricky problem to me, said that I have a good comprehensive culture, teach you more. I hesitated, but the teacher ignored me. During that period, I began to learn and train one-on-one. I thought you were not good at the foundation, but later I found that you were not, just because you did not want to learn, your interest is singing. Maybe the reason for the training, you told me so much about you. You said you liked every song of Yoga Lin and could sing it. You said you would sing a song for me when you have time. You told me that you would go abroad to study dance in New York sometime after graduation I ignored all of that.

Soon, the time is so urgent the college entrance examination is so quietly, you are very rare to tell me that the teacher is better, be careful that I am better than blue. I always believe that you are better than blue, but I did not answer. Ten years of cold window, just for today, I wish you a golden list. I prayed in my heart. The college entrance examination is two days, but waiting for the results is a difficult 10 days, the day I check the results of panic, play abnormal not undergraduate, fate always likes to make fun of people, I am an example. Release the list that day when I was a coward did not go to school, did not fill in the volunteer, family members are trying to persuade me, but the heart of empty only oneself know, I dare not inquire about you test better than me, I'm afraid you said all kinds of realization, I have been trying to suppress themselves, such as the end of the college entrance examination, such as we are all golden list


No matter what the result is, now I have no capital to express, in the end is time to take away everything or people



Slowly changing? The QQ stealth to turn off the phone, I think that can drown all. I was all over the place during that time



Upside down, parents in order to let me a little less addicted to chronic suicide, let me go out to relax the mood, I did not think that this is our encounter. Your opening statement is very warm dissolved all my pain, you said Liu Xiaowei, I like you. I didn't want to

Under the

We have a future, only know that at that time my world only you.


The document

I went back to my old self, and you told me that since I missed my time to fill out my volunteer, I'd go to private school. I asked if you were worried about me? Your answer was ambiguous. You said what do you think? I know you did well in the exam. There's a number two art school in our province. I always thought we would be like this as the universe, and then I know that I was too naive.

I also remember very clearly that morning you sent me a text message saying that 1:30 p.m. in the Xinhua Bookstore to wait for me, something to tell me. You're trying to surprise me, I think. I arrived on time in the afternoon and I was very glad to see you. You said you would walk me through the town today and treat me to my usual favorite food. I nodded my head without warning and slipped from the head of the town to the end of the town, inviting me to eat a lot of things I like to eat. Finally you sent me home you said sorry, I was in a trance. You said Liu Xiaowei, you have never asked me about volunteering, but do you know my plan? I can't confuse you so much with me. I plan to go abroad and leave the day after tomorrow. I don't know if it's three years or five years or ten years. Don't wait for me. You said the sound, saw heart, the original love each other may not be able to be together. You are not so selfish did not ask me if I can wait for you, I did not cry, perhaps the fallen time tear glands have withered. I smiled without a word, I was afraid to say the words into tears, you look at me smile, say goodbye, I explained to myself in my heart, goodbye, never see. Turn around, I left the first did not run but slowly walk the way home that day, I know you are still behind me, you have decided why I stay, the mind will never.

Late at night, people quiet, you go. A foreign country, their horizon, no longer disturb, I know you will be very good. Like how long, sad for how long.

You say goodbye, I will never see you in meditation.


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