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What Is Happening To Vocal?

My Ted Talk about Vocal

By Rebecca SmithPublished about a month ago 3 min read
What Is Happening To Vocal?
Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

For the past few months, Vocal has been weird. I'm not getting any emails from them - not even ones to say when a story has been posted. I've tried getting in touch with their customer service, but I've heard nothing back. I went onto my account to see if there was anything wrong with my email address (even though I knew there wasn't, because I've used the same address I signed up with years ago) and it said that the information could not be viewed or changed, unless I spoke to their Customer Services Team. Which I can't, because I've had zero response from them.

Not just this, but I've been getting likes on my stories, but somehow no views are being recorded? HOW can people have liked it and somehow not read it? I've also tried to get in touch with Customer Services about this too, and surprise surprise, I've heard NOTHING! Here's a screenshot as proof...

Screenshot from my account. I have more, but this should be proof enough.

Also, I have had WAAAAAAAAY less traffic on my page recently. I used to get at least a hundred views a week (I know I'm not big on here - and I blame Vocal for that partly - but still, over a hundred is still quite a lot). It's like they don't want to pay people anymore who don't have the ludicrously priced Vocal Plus subscription!

Also with that, you can no longer submit to challenges unless you're a Vocal Plus member! That is disgusting. Everyone should have the same opportunities to earn money on here. They only favour them now. Like, paid subscribers? I'm sorry? What? That is vile. I used to LOVE this site, but like with everything else now, it only values members that pay for extra services. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money for that sort of thing. I can't afford $99 a year for a Vocal Plus membership! I can't even afford food most weeks! That's part of the reason I share my work on here.

I used to share a lot of my film and TV work on here, but in recent years, I've stopped. Because I genuinely believe that they don't allow the same traffic on here for us 'normal' writers. Nothing adds up on here anymore. I actually feel cheated!

I know this is a very ranty post, but I just don't see the point in spending hours over writing pieces, for them to claim no one is reading my work, when they very clearly are. Plus, AI is killing us writers, and Vocal are now allowing AI written content? Sorry? No, that is pathetic! No wonder people with money can feel like they can take over this site. Pay $99 a year, whack out a load of AI shit, and get paid a load of money back. No!

I've worked my arse over (not so much recently, granted, but I'm annoyed with them) to try and write stuff on here and post, etc, but that isn't enough. I've hardly made a cent on here and it is so frustrating. This site has died for me. I've given them chance after chance! And now they are not paying the disgustingly small amount that my stories should be getting, it feels like they're stealing from me, and I don't appreciate it one little bit.

This website has killed the last bit of me that enjoyed writing online. I still writing TV and Film Screenplays, but writing online is so much freer and it feels like you have personal connections with the same names that you see liking your stories time and time again. But Vocal has killed it, killed my love for it, and killed something inside of me.

What the hell have you turned into, Vocal?


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