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Uncommon knowledge

The Azores Islands

By Anthony HillPublished 3 years ago • 2 min read

Uncommon knowledge

Well recently I was looking up fire spiders why well it was for a fictional character I was creating entitled Rage. I'm tired of how marvel is writing Spider-Man and not sticking to the cartoon I use to rush home from elementary to watch. I mean Super Man gets all these reboots but Spider-Man only get a couple of movies that doesn't even depict the actual version of the cartoon. Anyway so I decided to create my own Spider-Man. Even though it won't be nearly exciting because I'm writing it myself I have the opportunity to create yet another Black hero for my culture. So on this journey I was researching Fire Spiders and it led me to a whole discovery in which I didn't plan on discovering. First off fire Spiders are real and they can be found in the firelands and rare locations in Pandaria. Wow the thing is I never heard of this place in my life. Then they compared these spiders to the ones found on Azeroth and I never heard of this place before either. So I start digging more into Azeroth. Though some writers use Azeroth as a fictional plant it's actually is a real owned by Portugal. Azores consist of 9 islands Terceira is the third largest of the nine. Sao Miguel is the biggest of all Azores islands and I was told is a great vacation getaway. Pico island nothing much to say about this one as well as Faial island and Sao Jorge. The Madeira Island is visited by around a million people a year and is one of Europe's leading island destinations. Formiga is politically organized as an autonomous region. Capelinhos is admire by it fascinating landscape of Capelinhos volcano. Corvo Island known as The Black Island is the smallest and northernmost. Santa Maria known as The Yellow Island which is named after it's abundance of bright flowers. Graciosa stems from the Portuguese word gracioso which means graceful. The last one is The Flores Island which is the fourth smallest of the nine and is celebrated for it's beautiful, natural landscape, including seven lakes in it's central area which provides a full range of watersports activities. Man to just think I came upon this discovery looking up a spider. Though all these islands are volcanic landmarks there all so beautiful and would be places I wouldn't mind traveling to. It's amazing how this knowledge intrigued me I mean I love traveling but only know a hand full of places I would consider traveling to. I'm only really familiar with one island which is Hawaii but I know of others just know very little about them though. This new discovery have embark me on a quest to learn more about places I'm not aware of. I mean we get so caught in our own bubble we forget that there is a whole big world out there with new discoveries and custom's that you might found interesting. So explore and don't get trap with what your accustomed to. That's my Uncommon knowledge and if you didn't know just as me you now do.


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