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The inner logic of water droplets passing through stones and drilling wood to make fire

Water drop through stone and drill wood to make fire

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

The idiom of water dripping through stone is usually a tribute to the tenacity and permanence that people show in order to achieve their goals. I think that any "great achievement" or "medium achievement" in career and life can definitely explain this truth well, and must have experienced it. The struggle of layering and losing three layers of skin. Adhering to this spirit, people in the world have a strong will to achieve their goals, and success is an inevitable result.

But to be honest, many of our efforts, religious precepts, ethics, morals, local rules and folk customs, public order and good customs, and even compliance with rules and laws can be regarded as "against human nature" in a sense. The natural state of human nature is nothing more than eating lazy, liking idleness and disliking labor, seeking benefits and avoiding harm, seeing benefits and forgetting righteousness, etc. Every mortal body cannot avoid vulgarity, restraint, and fetters. After all, people are people of society, and society is society of people. To live a good life is nothing more than a struggle with human nature all the time. The so-called constant learning, lifelong learning, and self-cleaning can lead to a good life. Because we all know very well that in the heart of the same person, viciousness and greatness, viciousness and compassion, hatred and love coexist. Freud's ego, true self and id are nothing but an argument and conclusion of this fact, which is why it is often said that respect for personality guards against human nature. Being lazy and playful can only be "cool" for a few years. If you get lucky for a small evil, it will become a downward slope of constant "reward", and you can only lose yourself in the acceleration, unable to extricate yourself.

In all things, we all know that we need to plan the "idea" of a clear goal in advance, and how to achieve the goal in the end, we need to exert persistent willpower along the way. Water drop stone wear is one of the most important positive spirits that accompany us. If we don't grit our teeth on the way to achieve our goals and attempts, give up in spite of difficulties, give up halfway, belittle ourselves like arrogant rabbits in a tortoise and hare race, over-comprehend, unaware, and cowardly, then our various "ideas" are beautiful. , and just nice bubbles.

As mentioned above, water droplets piercing through stones seem to show the "physical force" of water droplets hitting the stones and causing them to penetrate. Back in the specific physical world we live in, the chemical force exerted by the water droplets on the stone makes the stone defeated. chemical force? Never seen a stone dissolve in water. Assuming that the pH value of the water droplets is neutral, and at the same time, assuming that we have enough lifespan to spend Nikkei years to observe the water droplets keep ticking on the stone, showing the "physical force" of the potential energy of the water droplets falling from a height, I am afraid the result will disappoint you. , the unyielding energy of the stone is even better, it is still it.

In reality, the ability of water to dissolve oxygen (in fact, air dissolves in water) is very strong. After carbon dioxide in the air dissolves in water, the water at this time is weakly acidic, and calcium carbonate, the main component of the stone, is constantly mixed with weak acidity. The water reacts to form calcium bicarbonate. Of course, because of the weak acid, this chemical reaction is very gentle and slow, and the corrosive effect of water droplets on the stone cannot be observed by the naked eye during the natural life cycle of a stone.

So we say that the drop of water through the stone shows the power of chemistry. Back in reality, water droplets still have positive guidance for us. Faced with a big goal (just like the difficulty of water to complete the stone) without perseverance, perseverance and persistence, then the goal is only the goal, the stone is the stone, the water is the Water, everything has not changed, the reason why it has not changed is because there is no "change force" that can change (both internal and external possible). When we understand the chemical change principle of water droplets and stone wear, we will know that the red dust is rolling, and no one can succeed in life. Although the song "True Hero" is sung like this, it is really not Li Zongsheng's casual remark, but the truth. . Whether it is work, life or study, it is nothing more than a process of cultivation. If you want to achieve perfection, you must work hard, and your clothes will gradually widen and you will never regret it.

Walk upright and then make tools. This watershed allows a branch of primates to develop into advanced animals, which is our species. Since then, humans have walked on the rising function curve of the accelerating development of civilization. In the early days of human civilization, there was another very important invention that represented the sudden acceleration of human civilization, and the curve showed an inflection point that suddenly rose up and quickly. With fire, human beings can have small barbecues three times a day (there is no big gold chain and gold watch), no, it should be serious! This is a major event in the process of human civilization. Seriously speaking, it is not the same. After all, human beings have since gotten rid of raw hair and drinking blood, eating raw natural food, making it easier for the stomach to digest food, avoiding more chances of bacterial infection, and greatly extending human lifespan. .

We can also see in many documentaries that the primitive tribes on the earth can still (only) use simple tools to obtain fire by drilling wood and making fire. These tribes are uneven or do not enter pottery, or do not enter metal Smelting and other civilization stages, which proves that the use of fire to control fire is the early stage of human civilization. This is already a few traffic lights ahead of the tribe that can only make stone tools.

When I was a child, I learned the knowledge of drilling wood to make fire, and I admired it. I used my hands to constantly rub the wooden stick on the wooden board to conduct a modern version of the experiment of drilling wood to make fire. In the end, my hands were blistered, and the wooden stick even had eyes. There was no risk of it, it was just that the friction was slightly hot, so the experiment had to be declared a failure. It is conceivable that in ancient times, in the tribes, people who can master drilling wood to make fire must have a very high social status. In the eyes of the general public, this behavior is simply a miracle, it is simply magic, are these people the "priest" class in the future? ? !

Drilling wood to make fire requires skill or skill on the one hand, and patience and perseverance on the other hand. This is the real version of human beings, on the one hand, you need a little skill - the right chemical reaction; on the other hand, you must have the perseverance to achieve your goals and not give up. You can't do anything without it, otherwise you will just waste time, wasted time, and eat a corpse. That's it.

At this time, I remembered the famous line in Ouyang Xiu's famous poem "The Charcoal Seller":

Weng said, "I know it when I drink oil." He took a gourd and placed it on the ground, covered its mouth with money, and drained it with a scoop. Because he said, "I don't have him either, but I am familiar with you.

It is difficult to grasp the true knowledge until it is first tasted, but it is superficial when it is learned on paper. Today you have to be shaped by your future time, why? What kind of person do you want to be, do it right away, hold on to your goals, not just "think about it", and you will become what you want to appear in the future. The unity of knowledge and action, the road is at your feet, the footprints always appear behind you, there can be no footprints in front, and if you don’t walk, there will be no footprints. Act now, not tomorrow.

By the way, the two "substances" mentioned above, water and fire, are the most common, but in the eyes of physicists and chemists, they are two things that are ambiguous and cannot be fully explained in all directions. They are all simple and mysterious beings. That is too academic, we will not discuss one or two.


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