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Five thousand years later, human life forms may evolve into the following three, which one do you prefer

Human life forms evolved into the following three

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

It has been more than 10 billion years since the birth of the universe, and the lifespan of the earth has reached 4.6 billion years, and the lifespan of the sun is still about 5 billion years. The birth of human beings was 5 million years ago, and the history of human civilization began with the appearance of writing, and it has only been seven or eight thousand years. Compared with the earth and the universe, human civilization is only a moment.

All living things on earth, including humans, are also slowly evolving.

Natural selection, survival of the fittest, the test of nature is harsh, for life, survival of the fittest is actually a kind of natural selection, and genetic mutation leads to the evolution of species, in the process of evolution, suitable genes will be left behind, and some genes will be eliminated by natural selection. Then, what will the world and life on earth evolve into in 5,000 years? People's guesses about human beings in 5,000 years are that human beings in 5,000 years will exist in the following three forms of life.

First, carbon-based life forms

As the name suggests, carbon-based life refers to life based on carbon elements, and currently all living things on earth, including humans, exist in the form of carbon-based life. Of course, this is true of life on Earth, but it is envisaged that alien life, if it exists, may be based on other elements as an organic basis, such as silicon-based life.

Speaking of carbon-based life, we have to mention Luca. Luca is considered to be the earliest life form on earth and the common ancestor of current creatures on Earth, and Luca is the earliest carbon-based life.

In the development of human civilization, some technologies rely on bionics. After 5,000 years, human beings will become the most perfect carbon-based life on earth. human application. With the improvement of medical level, human beings will further improve themselves and become the most perfect carbon-based life forms on earth.

Second, cyborgs

Cyborgs are seen in many sci-fi movies and novels. Machines play a pivotal role in the production and life of human beings. People imagine that one day, machines will be used for human beings, and human beings can make up for their own shortcomings through machines. life form.

At present, the cyborg has been one of the goals of the development of modern technology, and the world's first recognized cyborg is Neil Halbisson, the head of Neil Halbisson, combined with a machine, To distinguish colors, Neil Halbisson was originally achromatopsia who could only see black and white, but he could "see" different colors through the "antenna" on his head.

In five thousand years, human beings will co-exist and co-evolve with science and technology. At that time, the cyborgs that appeared in the movies "Robocop" and "Terminator" will no longer be legends.

Third, super life forms

The form of existence of life is not only material, people conjecture that there are also the following forms, such as the form of energy, the form of electromagnetic waves, and the form of information. The tightness of the human brain is difficult to understand by current science. What is consciousness? More confusing. However, it is believed that one day, consciousness will be unraveled.

The development of computers will provide people 5,000 years later with enough computing power to interpret human consciousness, even complex consciousness, and transfer human meaning to a carrier, which can be a computer or a cloud. , even the virtual world. To retain the meaning of human beings through the carrier, that is to say, people get rid of the limitations of the body, do not need food, do not need air, set up to have unlimited energy, continue their own consciousness, and continue their "life", so they are called super life body, reaching "eternal life"


There are infinite possibilities in the evolution of human beings. The above are the three life forms currently imagined by people. How far will human civilization develop in five thousand years? Which form of life do you want most? Comments and exchanges are welcome.

"The Three-Body Problem" uses imagination to present people with a wonderful world of time and space. Of course, some people think that "The Three-Body Problem" is not just a science fiction novel. To a certain extent, "The Three-Body Problem" still has its practical significance.

The book "Three-Body Problem" attracts me most because of Liu Cixin's extraordinary imagination. Many conjectures in the book, even if they are imagined, have a basis. They are science fiction but not all science fiction. Many assumptions can subvert the right knowledge of the universe.

As we all know, "The Three-Body Problem" consists of three books, each of which is worth exploring. The book is not only about science fiction and the universe, but also about thinking and reflection on human nature. Different from ordinary science fiction, "The Three-Body Problem" The span of time in " is unimaginable.

I believe "Three-Body Problem" can shock you. It's just a rare science fiction novel. It can be said to be a milestone-like creation. Readers who haven't seen it can take a look.

Jin Yong built a martial arts world for people in the late 20th century, while Liu Cixin built a sci-fi world for people in the 21st century. After watching "The Three-Body Problem", many people will fall in love with science fiction, a field full of mystery and unknown.

Friends who want to watch "The Three-Body Problem" can click the link to buy it, let's walk into Liu Cixin's universe together~


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