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The Art Of Sharing What You Don’t Know

We share our minds with the world, our own ideas, experiences, points of view, other people’s ideas, and things we know nothing about at times as well.

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Writing about topics we’re not so familiar with is very common in the Freelance Writing Biz that’s usually how some of us start, without a specific niche of choice. We go for whatever that comes our way it is usually how we gain experience.

Fake it ‘til you make it!

When I started writing all I could do was … Write?

Writing takes more than just putting one word after another enough to make a sentence. One needs to have direction, and whatever we write about must make sense for this to happen we usually need a topic. Without a topic you could write about anything, and everything go nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Imagine how far the world can take you. I confess, I said I had experience in the e-commerce and drop-shipping niche when I started out writing I lied, and that’s how I started writing.

Confusing? Let me explain, I had a couple of published articles that I wrote voluntarily on a couple of websites, I had that to present as samples. I remember doing a Google search on “Drop shipping” because I didn’t know what it was at the time. But, this is something I needed to know because I had already shared my samples with the first person that paid me for my words, and misleading typos. It was all a matter of time, the gig was mine.

I had an article on Drop-shipping tools 24 hours later. Writing a 400 word piece on the topic took forever, I did it on time fortunately but the result isn’t always the same. Be ready to fail but give it your best, we’ve got to start somewhere right?

Why should we write about things we know nothing about?

If you’re good at researching, using the internet for great results then writing about things you don’t know is not an impossible task. Penetration Testers, and Ethical hackers treasure research, also referred as information gathering. Before hackers do anything at all they need to know who, and what they’re up against good research usually saves the day, depending on the task at hand of course.

Even though my first articles were ghost written I was confident about e-commerce and drop-shipping after successfully writing a couple of articles on the topic. I was done faking, I knew my business. When we accept to write about things we don’t know much about we’re obligated to do research, this helps us get better at doing research and we learn a thing or two every time we get a chance.

When is writing about the unknown a bad idea?

This is not a good idea when we don’t have enough time, it isn’t a great idea when we don’t like the topic.

And, you may be asking “ How can we like something we’ve never written about before?”

Well, it is a valid question but before we accept we must make sure we’re OK with what we’re going to write about even if we’ve never done it before. Because if it’s something you wouldn’t see yourself talking about then you probably won’t able to write about the topic either.

Do you know anything about cars? Can you drive? You may answer NO To both but, with good research you might share a good piece. For someone who’s familiar with cars this would be an easy task. If you’re into food, and you get a chance to talk about one of your favorite meals even though it is something you never did before this would be a walk in the park, wouldn’t it?

Benefits of Doing the Unknown

We learn something new every time we get to do something different. Life is a lesson, we learn something new everyday. We learn how to do things differently, we learn a new tone, new terms, get familiar with two or more niches and we keep on getting experience.

When should we start learning something new?

Right now! Today, tomorrow, everyday, any day, anytime, and anywhere.

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