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How To Become A Victim Of Cyber Attacks

Unlike most job applications this needs no experience, in fact the most inexperienced usually get to be first, you might be lucky, you never know.

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How To Become A Victim Of Cyber Attacks
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What To Do First

Nothing! Unfortunately how people choose to use the internet and the carelessness between such activities or lack of knowledge that resolves around this is just out of this world. So, if you do nothing the day will probably come. If you answer NO to the following three question then you might just be a future cyber victim not that the result might be different if you answer one or to with a YES but because NO usually makes the job a lot easier. Believe me.

  1. Do you use a VPN?
  2. Do you use anything else other than a VPN?
  3. DO you open just about every link or file without scanning for possible viruses?

Let us Know Your Whereabouts when and where

Once it goes live it's live and there's no turning back from that. Something that people don't understand. We share just about anything without even thinking much about it. We share so much and we're so precise, diaries are things of the past Social Media is the real deal these days.

It shouldn't be called stalking anymore not when we're showing everything to everyone and anything online. The more people like what you share the more reach it keeps on getting until it's everywhere which happens pretty fast.

Have No Secrets Tell Anyone Anything

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It’s amazing and it’s called Social Engineering. This can happen almost anywhere even at work. This is so much fun because it happens flawlessly. Random people just come to you and find you talkative maybe attractive, and easy to talk to, even if you look like you’ve just had a bad day everyday. You end up giving up a lot you didn’t expect because you lose yourself in the conversation. This one is very hard to get away from. You need your eyes open at all times, even when asleep.

Privacy Is A Myth Hackers Are A Fairy Tale

Worry not About suspicious links and apps with funny names. Do not check for viruses every time you download files from unknown sources, leave that to people who have time for such crap, it is really tiring and annoying. Don’t do it, ever!

Use The Same Password And Email For Everything You Do Online

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The password 123456 or simply password is perfect, you can also use 1234 as much as you like. Use the same name and nickname everywhere and make sure your location is the first thing on your profile, even your street number in fact your complete home address will do. Perfection!

Make Everything About You Public

Your Facebook profile is public by default and so are most of the things about you. Leave it like that and make sure everything is up to date. If and when you move, update your profile as soon as possible. Your work history, who you’re married to and anything you can think about really. This keeps us aware of your doings, and somehow this is something we need to know, just because.

Trust Online Is Necessary

I work with people most of the time as a Freelancer (online) usually for similar tasks just different people. You probably work with people online too or maybe thinking about it, you’re probably lazy. Trust! Pay before, sign no agreement check no background. Where they live matters not, make sure people get to trust you as much as you do, show trust by facilitating everything for everyone but yourself. We deserve to live in a world totally different from the world we live in now.

I haven’t always been this naïve, it has been worse, I’ve been putting words together improperly for at least three years now. I've had a client that made me pay for her Facebook Ad campaign and disappeared on me after that. Unfortunately this is true.

The original version of this article was published on medium by me under the same profile name.


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