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Thank you Vocal team for a job well done

My account settings are back, hopefully for good.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
Thank you Vocal team for a job well done
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A year-long annoyance

In January 2023, I began noticing that it took longer for my wallet page to load, sometimes up to five minutes. By January 2024, I could no longer see my wallet or request my funds. I tried from my cell phone to no avail, so I signed in from a different laptop. Everything worked, and I gave thanks, but the next time I tried, it did not work.

Vocal said their engineers were working on the issue, and a few other contributors had similar problems. On the first of February, I tried two different web browsers and even had two of my children try from their computers. My son had no success but my daughter was able to access my account once, and after that, nothing. All the Wallet page did was buffer, and the Stats page only partially loaded.

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Nothing worked

I went to two different libraries but could not access my wallet page from their computers either. The Vocal team suggested I change my password and use all lower caps, and I accessed my wallet once the first week in February, then never again. Both my wallet and stats page were buffering, and I became so discouraged that I did not write as often as before. So, many ideas came to mind, but I did not have the energy to write. I was nto able to flow as before and everything seemed difficult which hindered my creative juices.

The Vocal Team was patient as I emailed them repeatedly, checking on the progress. A few weeks ago, they told me how much money I had and said they could manually send it to me. I thanked them, but the idea of the tea having to do this for me regularly was something I did not believe they should have to do. I became so frustrated that I thought about closing my account and starting with a new one.

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The stress began mounting

I write multiple times a day, often seven days a week, so imagine how many times I prayed and attempted to retrieve my wallet page with no success during the past nine weeks. My blood pressure was up to 220/130, and I could not get it down, and I was not sleeping at night. Perhaps those reading would have handled this differently, but Vocal had become my lifeline after my husband of 40 years passed away.

I enjoyed writing and seeing people read and respond as it gave me purpose and kept my mind off things. I tried increasing my articles on two other sites I write for, but always Vocal was in the back of my mind This will be my seventh year of writing for this platform and I did not desire to give it up.

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I almost gave up

Wriiting articles during February and March took more than two minutes each time I hit the save button, which was frustrating. I reached out to the Vocal team, who were as perplexed as I was.

Not seeing my stats or knowing which stories were performing well took a lot out of me. Not being able to view how much money I earned was also stressful. I saw an email from Vocal at about 7:50 with the words I had not seen in over two months. "Your Vocal Payment is on the Way." I knew at least one hurdle had been conquered.

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Breakthrough arrived

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on my stats page tonight at 8:00 p.m. and saw the number of reads, how much money I had made, and the list of articles. I clicked on my wallet, and the entire page appeared instead of buffering. it all came up instantly as it had done more than a year ago. I breathed a sigh of relief, yet I thought I was dreaming.

As I was writing this article, the save button worked immediately. There was no waiting when I saved changes. I am so glad I did not give up, and close my account in the middle of this, and I give a big shout-out to the Vocal Team for assisting me and fixing the issue. You guys are the absolute best. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The next day

An update: This is the enxt day and my Stats page is 100% but my Wallet page is buffering again. In will just go with the flow hoping the enginheers are on it. LOL.


About the Creator

Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a widow who enjoys writing about current events, soap spoilers and baby boomer nostalgia. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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  • Cheryl E Preston (Author)about a month ago

    I use my laptop not the app.

  • Cheryl E Preston (Author)about a month ago

    yes, I use Chrome, and I have done everything you suggested several times. Thank you for responding. I will do it all again lol

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    Cheryl, how maddening! Are you using the Vocal app or their internet site? Did they ask you any questions? Do you have Chrome? A lot of sites only like Chrome. Do you clear your browser history and cookies regularly? Have you turned off your device and rebooted in the past week? Just trying to think of things that may be causing issues. 🩷

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