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Sir Keir: "UK Too Dependent on Migrant Labour".

Sir Keir's Speech To Confederation of British Industry.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Sir Keir:  "UK Too Dependent on Migrant Labour".
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Sir Keir Starmer obviously knows that migration and immigration will be big topics at the next general election. People like Nigel Farage may be taking to politics again as he knows people entering the UK is once more a significant issue. Whether he will form his own party or rejoin the Reform Party formerly the Brexit party remains to be seen.

Sir Keir's speech about Labour's approach to immigration and migration followed the Prime Minister's. Sir Keir said the days of the UK being dependent on cheap foreign labour would be over on his watch.

Before you label Sir Keir as some latter-day Enoch Powell read or listen to what he said. Sir Keir is referring to illegal migrants and only allowing immigrants with the relevant skills in a sector they were needed.

Labour would introduce a scheme or a programme to train British workers for British jobs. He was Echoing former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he said: "British jobs for British workers"!

Sir Keir realizes that many think Labour would be soft on immigration. By announcing the above Sir Keir is saying illegal migrants are a no-no. However, those with the relevant skills would be welcome. Sir Keir has been critical of the government's plan to deal with migrants crossing the channel. Referencing the Rwanda plan to send migrants there as barbaric, unsuitable, and wrong.

Labour's policy on immigration would appear to only allow those workers we need. And to keep out hordes of people like illegal Albanians. Many of them are criminals planted here to do us and our country harm. Sir Kier in his speech to the CBI outlined a Brexit mantra. That Brexit had allowed the UK to be in "control of our borders" or at least we should be in control of our borders. Maybe, Labour's plan is to crack down harder on people who take to the channel. In other words, Labour has a number of aspects to its plan. To be tougher on illegal migrants, allow those in we need and be fairer and more compassionate where needs arise.

The Director General of the CBI said "Many in the UK do not want immigrants - period". However, he added, "It's only immigration that has kept the UK economy going". And Mr Danker may have a very relevant point. Over the years many Native Brits have not wanted to do jobs that they consider below them. What they consider by and large menial tasks like cleaning for example. Immigrants on the other hand whether Poles or Pakistanis are not afraid to get their hands dirty or work all hours. You will find such workers at all levels of British society. So, yes we have the right to criticise immigration but at the same time if we are not prepared to do the work they do maybe we should think before we speak.

Certainly, when we were in the European Union there was freedom of movement. Where Europeans mainly from the East came to settle and work in the UK. They were valuable assets as they worked in hospitality, NHS, factories, etc. Since leaving the EU migration from Europe has fallen. Thus leaving many sectors of employment struggling to fill vacancies. Like the fruit-picking sector where migrants would regularly come from Europe to pick fruit. Now with the fall in the number of people coming here that industry has struggled to get Native Brits to do the job. Even though the pay is good at 15 Pounds an hour many Native Brits are not bothered.

It seems with the UK trading more outside the EU we will be looking for people from our Commonwealth to fill the holes in employment. For example, Rishi Sunak signed off on a deal struck with Indian Prime Minister Modi. It was Boris Johnson while visiting India looking for a trade deal agreed to this deal. It will see 3,000 Indians coming here to study and work for 2 years. Of course, 3,000 Brits will be able to go to India.

When it comes to immigration and migration it will always be split opinions and that is to be expected.


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