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Russia Making Gains In The East.

Momentum Appears To Be With Russia Now.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Russia Making Gains In The East.
Photo by Aleksei Zaitcev on Unsplash

Russia's campaign in the west of Ukraine has been a total and utter diaster. Russia thought western Ukraine would fall and Kyiv would be in Russian hands. However, as we know Vlad the Invader miscalculated big time. He did not anticipate that Ukraine would defend its nation to the death. Putin did not also take into account how vulnerable his forces would be to western supplied weapons.

Russia has paid a high price in personnel and equipment. That said Ukraine has paid a higher price for its defiance of Russia's invasion. Towns and cities have been laid waste, thousands of civilians have fled, Ukrainian military equipment and personnel have perished. Russia pulled back its forces from Kyiv after it failed to capture the city. People have been able to live normal lives, western embassy staff have come back, etc.

President Zelenskyy was wrote off as a clown when he came to power. However, the former comedian has led his people from the front. The President could have fled the country but he stayed with his people. Dressing in military fatigues Zelenskyy echoes Churchill in his actions and speeches.

Putin invaded Ukraine as he saw a democracy on his doorstep. His man in Kyiv was defeated in a general election and Vlodymir Zelenskyy came to power. Putin also highlights the eastern advancement of NATO edging ever nearer to Russia's border. Also, it seems during lockdown Putin went a little crazy. You now see him entertaining other leaders on a long table. Mr Putin also meets with ministers, generals, etc, via video link. When meeting with the above people in person Putin keeps them at arms length. Putin fears assassination and getting COVID hence this odd behaviour. There are rumours Mr Putin is unwell and suffering from cancer. How true this is one cannot tell and it maybe anti-Putin propaganda. Also, saying Putin is deranged could be true but on the other hand he may be very sane.

So after the defeat in the west of Ukraine Putin set his sights on the east. Battles are raging now for the Donbas region and it seems momentum is with Russia. Russia claims to hold 97% of this region but obviously Ukraine would dispute this.

Russian forces have time on their side as they can replace all of their equipment lost. Whereas Ukraine depends largely on NATO and the US to supply it with weapons. The superiority of western supplied weapons has taken a heavy toll on Russia's tanks for example.

Ukraine though as it desperately tries to hold the east is running out of weapons. On Sky News it showed vehicles from military to civilian fleeing areas now held by the Russians. Ukraine has very few farming vehicles and it is pulling them back to safety. Ukraine is also pulling back its precious military equipment to fight another day.

Ukraine in the east is gradually being ground down by Russian forces. Russia has a vast array of weaponry to deploy on the battlefield. All Russia has to do is keep up its destructive campaign and just wait. Wait for Ukrainian forces to run out of arms and the east will fall into Russia's hands. This is why Ukraine is appealing to its western backers for a greater supply of military equipment.

Equipment such as fighter jets, armoured vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles, heavy artillery, etc. This will be paramount to the Ukrainian effort to keep fighting. Russia will be aware of Ukraine's military deficiency and exploit it to the max.

This is why if the West wants to keep Ukraine in the fight weapons must be supplied quickly. Ukraine has done a sterling job in fighting the Russians. The question is how long can it keep doing so without the necessary equipment?


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